PC-DMIS, dünya çapında 30 binden fazla kullanıcısıyla dünya lideri bir ölçüm yazılımıdır. Güçlü kapasitesi sayesinde kullanıcılar basit prizmatik parçalardan en karmaşık uzay havacılık ve otomotiv parçalarına kadar her şeyin ölçümünü yapabilir.

What is PC-DMIS?

Discover PC-DMIS, the world’s leading metrology software

What is PC-DMIS?

Supporting systems from CMMs to portable measuring arms and laser trackers, PC-DMIS is a measurement software solution for metrology professionals and shop-floor operators. 

What's new in PC-DMIS?

Explore the latest features in your version of PC-DMIS.

Why Choose PC-DMIS?

Learn how PC-DMIS integrates into your manufacturing operations

PC-DMIS: Create

PC-DMIS enables quality engineers and metrology specialists to create sophisticated measurement routines before the part exists and without occupying the CMM.

PC-DMIS: Execute

Through a simplified shop-floor user interface in PC-DMIS, machine operators can quickly select and execute the right routine for any metrology equipment.

PC-DMIS: Collaborate

With customisable reports, cloud-based notifications and mobile alerts PC-DMIS delivers measurement results to everyone who needs them.

How will PC-DMIS help you?

Read how PC-DMIS benefits manufacturers in your industry

Driving automotive productivity

Read how PC-DMIS offline programming enabled drive component manufacturer Voith Turbo to maximise measurement capacity.

Ensuring tool accuracy

See how Wild & Küpfer, a producer of customised plastic parts, used PC-DMIS to ensure tool accuracy and reduce errors during pre-setting by 90%.

Helping innovation take flight

Learn about the role of PC-DMIS in measuring oversize parts for the Airbus A380 aircraft programme.

Want to learn more?

Find out how PC-DMIS can help you create measurement routines, execute them on the shop floor and collaborate to make decisions based on the results.