m&h Infrared Touch Probe IRP40.40-LF

m&h IRP40.40-LF - with constant very low trigger forces!

The new infrared touch probe has been specially developed for delicate materials and measuring tasks on thin, fragile workpiece geometries. The measuring mechanism, with constant very low trigger forces, can be fitted with different styli and spherical measuring tips from Ø 0.2 mm.

The new touch probe has a 2 sigma repeatability of 1 μm.

  • Determination of workpiece zero point
  • Determination of workpiece position
  • Control measurement of workpiece dimensions


  • With constant very low trigger forces
  • HDR (High Data Rate) transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Patented THERMO-LOCK® technology
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  • Different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Transmission frequency of 75 Hz
  • Extremely high data rate of 9600 light pulses/sec
  • Large transmit and receive angle with min. 120°- all around 360°

  • No interference from ambient light
  • Safest infrared transmission
  • Ensures process-reliable automation



  • Prevents heat transfer from the spindle to the probe
  • Delivers consistent, precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • HSK shanks with THERMO-LOCK® technology are available in various sizes

Benefits :

  • Precise measurement results even by large temperature differences
  • Eliminates uncontrolled expansion of the shank and probe body
Even at higher probing velocity and greater stylus deflection the probing forces on the m&h IRP40.40-LF remain constantly low – this characteristic protects your delicate, highly sensitive workpieces against damage.

Comparison of velocity/trigger forces

 Comparison of velocity/trigger forces Z-
 m&h IRP40.40-LF with stylus 20 mm  Competitor probe
 0 mm/min – 0,82 N  0 mm/min – 2,26 N
 20 mm/min – 0,96 N  20 mm/min – 2,54 N
 120 mm/min – 1,09 N  120 mm/min – 4,75 N
 254 mm/min – 1,22 N  254 mm/min – 6,42 N

 Comparison of velocity/trigger forces X/Y
 m&h IRP40.40-LF with stylus 20 mm  Competitor probe
 0 mm/min – 0,08 N  0 mm/min – 0,08 N
 20 mm/min – 0,11 N  20 mm/min – 0,19 N
 120 mm/min – 0,13 N  120 mm/min – 1,09 N
 254 mm/min – 0,14 N  254 mm/min – 1,31 N

Performance and process reliability

  • Trigger force with 20 mm stylus - XY = 0,080 N, Z = 0,800 N
  • Up to 300 hours of continuous use before battery change
  • HDR (High Data Rate) transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Large transmitting and receiving angles guarantee reliable transmission and enable a large working area
  • Adjustable air-blow nozzles at touch probe and receiver ensure clean measuring and receiving areas
  • Transmission power can be adjusted while mounted on the machine

Activation / Deactivation

  • Separately coded infrared signals for reliable switching on/off
  • Range of signal transmission adjustable in 3 stages

Sturdy and well protected

  • Probe housing made of stainless steel
  • Water-proof probe sealing using IP68 standard
  • Resistent to falling chips and coolant

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Easy lateral run-out adjustment
  • Use of standard batteries
  • Retrofitting possible at any time
 Recommended probing speed  2 Sigma 1μm with stylus
 20mm and 254mm/min
 Probing directions  ±X, ±Y, -Z
 Recommened probing feedrate  Max. 480mm/min
 Max. stylus deflection  XY ±14°; Z -4 mm
 Trigger force with 20 mm stylus  XY = 0,080 N, Z = 0,800 N
 Power supply  1 x 3V Batterie Typ ½AA
 Battery Life Time  Up to 440h in continuous use
 Weight without shank  240g
 Temperature range  Operation: 10°C - 50°C / Storage: 5°C - 70°C
 Material  Stainless steel
 Signal transmission  High Data Rate
 Transmission angle  120° – all-round 360°
 Range of transmission  1,6 – 4 m, adjustable

 Styli M2 thread  With ruby ball tip
 Länge 10 mm  Ø 0,2 mm – Ø 8 mm
 Länge 20 mm  Ø 0,5 mm – Ø 3 mm
 Länge 20 mm  Ø 1 mm – Ø 6 mm
 Länge 30 mm  Ø 2 mm – Ø 4 mm
 Länge 40 mm  Ø 3 mm – Ø 6 mm
m&h Probing Systems with Infrared Transmission Brochure
Operating Instructions


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