m&h Infrared Receiver IRR91.40

m&h IRR91.40 - with HDR technology, mounted directly in the headstock!

The Infrared Receiver IRR 91.40 reliably transmits and receives measurement and temperature data. It can communicate with all m&h Infrared Probes, the Pick Up Tool Setter IRPT35.40 and Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70. The receiver can communicate with two different probe systems on the same machine. All necessary components are integrated in the stainless steel housing, thus no additional interface is required in the electrical cabinet. It can be mounted without creating any obstructions in the machining area or directly in the headstock.

  • Turning/milling centers, vertical turning machines, large milling machines and machining centers
  • Use on multi-axis machines with swiveling head possible
  • Direct connection to the machine control without requiring an additional electronic module


  • HDR (High Data Rate) infrared transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Sturdy and durable protected
  • No additional module or interface in the control cabinet required
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  • Different from worldwide line frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Transmission frequency of 75 Hz
  • Extremely high data rate of 9600 light pulses/sec
  • Large transmit and receive angle with min. 120°- all around 360°


  • No interference from ambient light
  • Safest infrared transmission
  • Ensures process-reliable automation
  • Slim, compact design
  • Designed for mounting in the working area or directly in the headstock
  • All-stainless steel housing
  • Sealing according to IP68 standard

Operational and process reliability

  • Receives measuring signals and workpiece temperature data
  • Reliable data reception through secure encoded HDR technology
  • Receiver ON/OFF range adjustable up to 4m in bidirect use
  • Large transmitting and receiving angles

Universal application possibilities

  • Suitable for turning/milling centres, vertical turning machines, large milling machines and machining centres
  • Use on multi-axis machines with swivelling head possible
  • Easy mounting and optimum positioning by using a rotary/swivelling holder or mounting bracket
  • Direct connection to the machine control without requiring an additional electronic module

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Easy fastening with one M4 screw only
  • Maintenance-free unit
  • Clearly visible LED status display
  • Mounting position at receiver housing sealed by means of O rings
 Receiving angle  100°
 Transmitting angle  60°
 Signal evaluation  High Data Rate up to 9600 pulses/sec
 Power supply  12 - 32 V, max. 100 mA
 Weight  100g
 Material  Stainless steel
 Protection class  IP68: EN60529, plugged
 Temperature range  10 °C – 50 °C
 Mount  Blow-off screw M4
 Connection  Standard 8-pin plug, Thread M12x, Industrial standard
 Output signals  Ready, battery warning, trigger signal from active outputs – push pull
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