Absolute Arm: Productivity

Effortless Productivity Through Advanced 3D Measurement

The Absolute Arm is a master of productivity improvement. From the elimination of warmup and encoder referencing to swapping between probes and scanners with no need for recalibration, this is a portable measuring arm that allows the user to just get on with measurement.

With the full-speed, full-accuracy measurement delivered by the RS6 Laser Scanner and its wide scan line – 150 millimetres wide at mid-range – 3D scanning and digitisation is fast and comes with no need to downgrade your expectations. Using the advanced algorithms of our SHINE technology, the RS6 delivers full performance at all times on all materials – full accuracy, full frame rate and full laser scan width for full measurement productivity.

Full integration with leading metrology software packages is of course a given, and this extends to the new on-wrist display screen, that allows the user to select settings and profiles at the point of measurement.

This comes alongside other user feedback cues, haptic, visual and acoustic, that keep the user fully aware and in control of the measurement process with no need to keep returning to the computer screen – you can just keep measuring and make your work time more productive than ever before.

When it comes to driving measurement productivity for small-to-medium sized applications without compromising on portability, there is simply no other choice than the Absolute Arm – and that’s by design.


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Absolute Arm: Versatility

From laser scanners to touch probes, wireless operation to simple portability, the Absolute Arm offers measurement options for every situation, by design.

Absolute Arm: Usability

From ergonomic improvements to an innovative modular design concept, the Absolute Arm makes measurement easier, by design.

About Portable Measuring Arms

Discover the benefits of using portable measuring arms to put metrology into the manufacturing environment and find out how the Absolute Arm range could benefit your business.