Employee Spotlight: Scott Grumbles

by Andrew Scarella on April 26, 2016 From Employee Spotlight

How did you get into this line of work?
I worked in manufacturing for Duracell Batteries, Electrical Boxes and Wall Plates, where I gained knowledge of 3D CAD as well as some programming languages.  I wanted to expand outside of the manufacturing plant environment and was seeking a career, when I stumbled across an ad for a position at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, (then Hexagon Metrology) as an applications engineer.  Upon further research, I learned that Hexagon supported a lot of the large manufacturing facilities with CMM technology, strong CAD and programming capabilities were viewed as strengths for the position.  I started in July of 2004 as an Applications Engineer, and by 2006 I was Applications Engineering Manager. Then in 2007, I moved to Portable Arm sales as I was intrigued by the laser scanning capabilities and my previous CAD experience. 

What does your day to day look like at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence? Describe a day in the life.
Typically, I am visiting multiple customers to demonstrate the portable arm solution to their measurement / manufacturing tasks.  This puts me back in manufacturing plants, but this time I have renewed enthusiasm as parts are unique and there is a new problem (definitely not mundane) that needs solving.  I enjoy seeing how different parts are manufactured and assembled – I guess that is my inner Engineering geek, but who wouldn’t get a thrill seeing a BMW assembled, NASCAR race car built and setup, or a helicopter be rebuilt!  Moreover, our technology is used to do it better, faster and more accurately.   

How do you think the partnership between Hexagon and Hendrick Motorsports will impact both companies? 
This relationship provides Hendrick Motorsports with an opportunity to get access to even more equipment and a more in-depth communication / relationship with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence engineers.  This should allow both partners to get further insight to how each operates and could potentially generate new technology or methodologies that are mutually beneficial. 

How does this new partnership align with our expertise of sensing, thinking, and acting?
Sensing, thinking, and acting is how a winning NASCAR team operates.  If you are not truly sensing then you are making educated guesses or gut feelings as a basis when you think and act.  Sensing is the foundation of all of the actions taken afterwards, and without that critical step the path taken can be dramatically different.  

What do you do for fun outside of working at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence? Hobbies?

Outside of work I am a car enthusiast.  I like to push myself and a car to the limits.  I have auto-crossed on and off for over 15 years.  This is a hobby that I have been able to share with my oldest daughter (now 20) since she was 5.  In the beginning, I forced her to attend where she sat in the sun for hours watching, and then after turning 12 she was allowed to ride-along. Now she forces me to go to the events so she can ride-along – it’s like a theme park ride for her.  Being fortunate enough to live in NASCAR country, the Charlotte Motor speedway is the local go- to for speed.  I have had the opportunity to drive an open-wheel Indy car around the track reaching 150 MPH, and raced go-carts in an endurance race that lasted 6 hours, topping speeds over 55 mph while 2” from the asphalt.       

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I guess some know, but a lot of colleagues that do not – I am a twin.  In fact, for some years he also worked for Hexagon as an Applications Engineer.  I actually had someone tell me that I was their PC-DMIS trainer only to later find out that it was in fact my brother.  

Andrew Scarella

Andrew Scarella is the Digital Marketing Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. He contributes to this blog as well as updates the North American website and provides content for the company social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.