Tooling, Mould & Die

Enabling fast and reliable manufacturing processes through the accurate production of tooling, moulds and dies

Casting, forming and pressing can be among the most efficient methods of manufacturing with speed and repeatability. However, the production of the ancillary manufacturing equipment required to work this way can be even more complex than the product itself. For the final part to meet specification, the tooling must also be produced to the correct tolerances. The challenge for toolmakers is to ensure that every mould, die and machine tool, as well as their jigs, fixtures and gauges, are fit for purpose and ensure quality output every time.

Toolmakers, die makers and mould makers rely on 3D measurement to check and verify their equipment before the final article goes into production, and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solutions are used by manufacturers across the tooling industry. Our CAD/CAM software packages offer advanced tooling design capabilities. Moulds and dies can be measured using coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with a variety of sensor configurations and inspection methods to suit the workpiece’s size, material and form. Portable metrology systems are ideally suited to qualifying jigs and fixtures in situ and checking tooling for damage or wear. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s laser scanning solutions can also be used for digitising and reverse engineering tooling from a finished part.