General Manufacturing

Balancing tolerances with throughput to optimise general manufacturing processes and maximise productivity whatever the application

Manufacturing is a competitive industry, and the need to win contracts puts businesses under pressure to ensure machined parts are delivered on time, on budget and to specification. For any manufacturer, from international enterprises to supply chain contractors and local job shops, accuracy and precision can mean the difference between success and failure. Whether the product is made from metal, composites or any other material, the correct machine tool programming and execution is imperative to success, and guaranteeing part quality is a must.

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection is an essential part of manufacturing products from the precision components of watches to the sheet metal casings of domestic appliances. As well as measuring systems for the quality room and shop-floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence also supplies machine tool probes for in-process inspection, tool setting equipment, specialist dimensional metrology software for specific manufacturing applications and CAD/CAM software solutions for toolpath design. Our solutions are designed to integrate data into production processes, enabling smarter decision making, better control of quality, throughput and cycle times, and ensuring complete support for businesses in general manufacturing and precision machining.