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Design and Engineering, Production and Inspection Solutions to Help Reduce Production Cycle Times in Aircraft Engine Manufacturing

As demand for air travel grows and thousands of new engines are ordered every year, aircraft engine manufacturers are increasingly focused on high-volume manufacturing.

With an engine carrying more than 3000 components, hundreds of thousands of parts must be designed, produced, measured and assembled to support program ramp-up. These include many complex geometric components such as compressor and turbine blades, blisks, vanes, casings and gears where Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s has developed advanced production capabilities.

Hexagon’s solutions for aircraft engineers include structural, acoustic, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools that provide accurate test environments to optimise designs and processes, and save costs down the line. We also offer unique coupled thermo-structural simulation, bringing the digital twin even closer to the real world.

Our production software solutions support all kinds of production simulation and CNC machining techniques to optimise the tool paths and produce quality-controlled parts faster.

To help aero engine manufacturers reduce production cycle times and overall cost, Hexagon has helped pioneer the move towards in-line, shop-floor and automated tactile and non-contact metrology for engine component measurement.

Using our statistical process control (SPC) toolset offers aero engine manufacturers options for continuous process monitoring and optimisation. Engine producers also now have the option to use Hexagon technology in real-time feedback loops for tool path optimisation right at the point of production.

Aero Engine Nacelle Acoustic Performance Simulation

Using acoustic simulation software specified for the aerospace industry enables aircraft designers to consider multiple variables to optimise aero engine nacelle acoustic...

Materials Lifecycle Management for Aerospace

Aircraft manufacturers can improve the use and traceability of materials, as well as product design, by capturing, managing and sharing data about materials from within...

Aero Engine Blade Thermo-Structural Design

Multi-disciplinary analysis and modelling software enables aero engine turbine blade manufacturers to fully optimise blade design before undertaking final physical...

Aero Engine Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Using simulation software for virtual prototyping helps designers understand how an aircraft engine’s subsystems will perform before building a costly physical...

Aero Engine Compressor and Turbine Casing Inspection

Flexible measurement solutions for the fast and accurate inspection of compressor and turbine casing components.

Aero Engine Turbine Blade Cooling Holes Inspection

A combination of tactile and optical measurement is required to check the dimension, location, and orientation of turbine blade cooling holes.

Aero Engine Gear and Transmission Component Inspection

High-accuracy measurement is required to ensure aero engine gears enable smooth power transmission to other engine components.

Aero Engine Fan Casing Inspection

Fan casing inspection requires measuring solutions that can cater for the part’s large size and tight clearance requirements.

Aero Engine Pipe and Duct Inspection

Efficient 3D non-contact measurement of bent and welded pipes in serial production or for reverse engineering.

Aero Engine Compressor and Turbine Blade Inspection

High-accuracy measurement is required to validate and verify the profiles, thickness, and alignment of aero engine compressor and turbine blades.

Aero Engine Vane Inspection

Measuring solutions offering high accuracy and flexibility are required to ensure correct engine turbine vane inspection.

Aero Engine Blisk Inspection

Tactile and optical scanning solutions for high-accuracy measurement of geometrical, freeform surfaces, and profile features on aero engine blisks.

Aero Engine Spools and Shafts Inspection

Increased accuracy and part accessibility are required for measuring the full length and circularity of aero engine shafts and spools

Aero Engine Fan Blade Inspection

Quick, high-accuracy measurement solutions ensure all aero engine fan blade features are in tolerance while helping to reduce total production time.

Real-Time Tool and Process Monitoring for Aerospace

Deploying local real-time monitoring and capturing trends in measurement data, alongside machine utilisation information, can provide insights for continuous process...

Machine Tool Probing for Aligning Aero Engine Turbine Wheels

Precise on-machine measurement is required to achieve the tolerances required of wheel turbine grooves, chamfers and radii.

Machine Tool Probing for Aero Engine Fan Casings

Machine tool probing helps manufacturers achieve tight tolerances first time and reduce costly rework of aero engine fan casings.

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