Leitz Infinity

Leitz Infinity - Most accurate CMM within its class

For the Leitz Infinity, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence drew on the whole of their long-standing experience, optimizing the latest technical developments to create a new UHA CMM boasting the highest available accuracy within its class. The Leitz Infinity achieves measurement results which are excruciatingly exact.

For very challenging measurement tasks and the highest precision in quality and process control, the Leitz Infinity coordinate measuring machine has been designed with extremely accurate probing.

The high accuracy of the Leitz Infinity makes it possible, in the production, to make the correct decisions and to keep the cost of producing parts at a minimum. A high parts throughput is achieved from the dynamic single-point probing and the serial High-Speed-Scanning (HSS) of known and unknown contours.

The Leitz Infinity carries out any measurement task with the highest precision regardless of whether on prismatic workpieces or parts with highly complex geometries - such as cylindrical or globoid stepping gears. In particular, part measurements with very close tolerances require a coordinate measuring machine like the Leitz Infinity for the highest precision.

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  • Closed frame design with fixed portal and moving table
  • Ultra high scale resolution: 4 nanometer (0.004 µm)
  • Main structure made of granite and cast iron, no aluminium
  • Active pneumatic damping
  • Leitz 3D probe system LSP-S4, high resolution, low probing force, for stylus length up to 800 mm
  • Optional: Leitz 3D probing system LSP-S4 ULF (ultra low force), high resolution, ultra low probing force, for stylus length up to 500 mm
  • As an option for the 3D probe head the Leitz Precitec LR Optical White Light Sensor is available.
LSP-S4 Probe Head
With horizontal probe extensions of up to 800 mm length the continuous High-Speed-Scanning probe head LSP-S4 allows the measurement of features deep inside a work piece. Its integrated automatic weight balance system can carry styli configurations of up to 1000 g.

In addition to its ability to accept long styli, the LSP-S4 excels with its low trigger forces - ideal for measuring delicate surfaces. Its long travel means that the LSP-S4 is not susceptible to damage caused by collisions.

Probing deflections are measured via high resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT). The LSP-S4 supports all the standard probing modes like Single Point Probing, Self-Centering as well as Continuous High-Speed-Scanning for fast and accurate form and profile measurements.
Like all other Leitz probe heads, the LSP-S4 provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the surface. This allows the correct compensation of any styli deflection.

Leitz Precitec LR Optical White Light Sensor
As an option or addition to the 3D probe head the Leitz Precitec LR Optical White Light Sensor is available. This sensor uses a chromatic confocal measurement method and is ideal for applications in the area of lenses (glass, plastics), surfaces and profiles.

CMM Specifications and Gear Inspection

CMM Specifications



X stroke

Y stroke

Z stroke

Infinity 12.10.6




Permitted table load for the Leitz Infinity is 750 kg.


Gear Inspection


Cylindrical gears:

  • Spur, helical, double helical, splines (internal and external)
  • Clutch gears (internal and external)
  • Gear segments (minimum No. of teeth: 1)
  • Gear racks

Bevel gears:

  • Straight bevel, spiral bevel, hypoid bevel, crown gears

Available interfaces:

  • Gleason GAGE 4/WIN; Klingelnberg KIMOS; DMG

Gear cutting tools:

  • Hob cutter, broach, shaper cutter, shaving gears, form cutter

Evaluation standards:


Max. gear weight    750 kg

Module range          0.5 - 100 mm

Max. gear width      700 mm

Max. shaft length     1200 mm

Max. gear diameter  Spur gear: 950 mm; helical gear: 700 mm (depending on module and styli configuration)

Leitz PMM-C Line Brochure
Precitec LR Brochure
ISO 10360
Leitz Specification Factsheet
Case Study Robert Bosch GmbH - Gerlingen


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