Accessories for CMMs

Coordinate measuring machines, software products, stylus systems - the circle closes with our extensive range of accessories that significantly ease three-dimensional measurement. These extras provide even more accurate results that are delivered even faster, or they expand the possible applications of the measuring system.


Vibration, temperatur, luftfuktighet, krockaviseringar, ljusstyrka, lufttryck och koordinatmätmaskiners (CMM) aktuella status - allt samlat på ett ställe.

Next Jogbox (NJB)

The Next Jogbox (NJB) is the first manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM) control interface to be designed based on extensive user experience research. Offering...

Workpiece Lighting

Workpiece Lighting provides a solution to poor illumination in quality and shop-floor environments without affecting measurement results.

CMM Workstation

The ergonomic and mobile CMM Workstation offers the flexibility and workspace optimisation required on the production floor and metrology lab. 

TIBOX-kabinett för inbyggnad av TIGO SF CMM

TIBOX är utformad för att skydda koordinatmätmaskinen (CMM) TIGO SF – anpassad för verkstadsgolvet – mot de mest extrema verkstadsförhållandena. Med hjälp av detta kabinett...

Swift-Fix Fixturing System

By virtue of the complexity of many of today's manufactured components, the held part needs to be uncluttered and the holding and clamping has to be discreet, to allow the...

FIVE U-nique Fixturing System

FIVE U-nique, a fully programmable flexible fixturing option which allows accurate fixtures to be rapidly built for an unlimited number of part configurations to provide...


Hexagon Metrologys omfattande sortiment av probehuvuden, prober , probeväxlare och tillbehör för koordinatmätningsmaskiner följer den senaste utvecklingen inom probeteknik...

Mätspetsar och tillbehör

Alla applikationsprogram är olika, och därför erbjuder Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ett brett utbud med olika typer av mätspetskomponenter och tillbehör. Från...

I/O Flow Manager

I/O Flow Manager är den fullständiga integrationslösningen för installation av koordinatmätmaskiner (CMM) i en produktionscell. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence lanserade...

GLOBOX Enclosure

The new GLOBOX enclosure for GLOBAL models is a cost-effective solution for measurements in the production environment and is suitable for all measuring applications where protection from the surrounding environment is needed.

Remote Terminals

Apart from the standard Jogbox, which comes with most Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMMs, there are several options for remote operation of some machines.

Rotary Tables - General

Typically coordinate measurement is at its limits when inspecting parts which require multiple probe changes such as very small and complex internal gearing.

Rotary Tables - Leitz

Typically coordinate measurement is at its limits when inspecting parts which require multiple probe changes such as very small and complex internal gearing.

DIACLEAN Surface Cleaner

Diaclean is a cleaning fluid especially made for efficient cleaning of Diabase stone surfaces used for example in many different types of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).