System Integration

Most customers that order a custom system have the objective of completely automating a production process from beginning to end.

pallet_cellThe Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Special Systems Group (SSG) is a dedicated team within Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence that does design, system integration and project management for custom and semi-custom integrations of coordinate metrology products with other manufacturing technology. The productivity enhancements possible from CMM technology can be increased with integration within a manufacturing cell or with other systems, all designed to work together.

We offer a complete turnkey approach to special systems, from design to procurement, project management and part programming. We do integrations that are completely custom or ones that use off-the shelf components and designs for a semi-custom solution.

PMM-C CMMTypes of integrations possible include:
  • Manual part shuttles for staging of parts
  • Automated part loading and unloading systems (see video at the bottom of this page)
  • Climate Controlled Enclosures with automatic doors
  • Specialized Probing designs
  • CMM with integrated glovebox
  • Glovebox integration with a CMM for inspection of hazardous components
  • Light curtains / safety lockout systems
  • Customized fixtures for loading / staging parts
  • Custom operator interface
  • Communications software between devices
Most customers that order a custom system have the objective of completely automating a production process from beginning to end. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has an integration partnership with AgieCharmilles which offers complete integrated cells combining EDM, milling, machining, part washing and part storage, all served by a robotic handling system. The CMM in this case acts both as the tool presetting device, communicating setup instructions to the machine tools, and as the quality control devices, checking parts at various stages of fabrication. These automated cells allow for complete "lights out manufacture", and are a prime example of the value that an SSG group project can bring to your business.
gfac_cellWe serve most industries including automotive, aerospace, mining, heavy equipment, medical, power generation, and custom machinery builders.

Products which are ideal candidates for integration, and which we have many successful integration projects to date, include the Global, ONE and Reference series of bridge CMMs, the PMM-C and PMM-F Ultra-High Accuracy CMMs, and our line of Gantries and Horizontal arms, in particular the Delta gantry and Bravo horizontal series.