Taking a powerful integrated approach to sustainable product design

Integrating sustainable material usage into electronic product design


When an electronics product designer chooses which materials to use, it’s not enough to consider factors such as cost, weight, thermal performance, acoustics, strength or durability. It is also essential to consider sustainability as regulators, OEMs, shareholders and end-customers worldwide increasingly require electronics manufacturers to collect, analyse and fully report data that demonstrates the environmental, social and economic impact of their products. 

Materials have a large impact on a product’s sustainability, with engineers deciding which materials to use early in the design stages. And to make business sense their choice has to optimise performance and usability, while ensuring cost-effectiveness. That’s why Hexagon’s MSC Software has teamed with iPoint, which develops world-leading, cross-industry software solutions for evaluating material compliance and sustainability. The result is a powerful, integrated approach to responsible design that enables electronic device and system manufacturers to make sustainable material usage part of their unified approach to product design. 

Download our whitepaper (firewall) to find out more about saving the planet with design & engineering simulation.

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Sustainable engineering is good business sense

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