Scalable, versatile production of electronic device enclosures

Increasing the scalability, versatility and cost-efficiency of electronic enclosure manufacturing with production planning software


Enclosures play a key role in the commercial success of electronic devices. Not only can the ergonomics, functionality and perceived quality of an enclosure help influence a consumers’ buying decision, the efficiency, scale and flexibility with they are manufactured impacts their cost-effectiveness. 

Hexagon’s production planning and control system software is designed to make the production of electronic enclosures as scalable, versatile and cost-efficient as possible. It offers enclosure manufacturers in the electronics sector a range of benefits, including the monitoring and tracking of routines to gain a complete visibility of work in progress, precise control of all supply operations, the ability to address minimum stock levels, and a view of exactly which components need to be produced.

Find out how leading German enclosure manufacturer, OKW, uses Hexagon’s Javelin software to help production.

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