Aircraft Passenger Seat Frame Inspection

Portable Measurement Solutions for Rapid Inspection of Aircraft Cabin Seats


Aviation safety standards mean that aircraft cabin seats have to meet strict final assembly line requirements and conform to precise dimensional and functional specifications. Finished seats need to be lightweight, easy to assemble in the aircraft cabin, and provide enough room to ensure passenger comfort and maximise safety in the case of an accident.

Aircraft passenger seat manufacturers are under pressure to furnish the thousands of new single aisle aircraft that are expected to be manufactured in the coming years. As a result, there is a drive by manufacturers to increase productivity and undertake dimensional checks of the seat components faster, as well as to fit the seat into cabins quickly and efficiently without compromising on safety standards.

Hexagon’s portable measuring solutions enable manufacturers to inspect finished passenger seat assemblies as they are produced, avoiding the need to move these bulky parts to a metrology lab. Portable metrology can also support accurate and fast installation of seats within aircraft cabins. With easy-to-use metrology software that enables shop-floor operators to bring dimensional inspections into their work, manufacturers can ensure conformity and provide traceable reporting.

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