Engineering solutions for verification, validation and traceability in aerospace industry manufacturing and aircraft assembly

In the highly-competitive aerospace industry, product performance and through-life product support are crucial to market success. With the pressures of regulatory changes, environmental concerns and the need to reduce operating costs, standing still with measurement technology and manufacturing processes is not an option for OEMs, Primes or the supply chain. As aircraft producers embrace distributed manufacturing, new construction materials and productions techniques like additive manufacturing and advanced machining, knowledge-based manufacturing is becoming imperative.

System engineering and process integrated metrology are key ideas as aviation transitions from craft construction towards more automated processes. Aerospace engineers are seeking new ways to model, simulate and validate designs ahead of production and final assembly, supporting the move from 100% inspection to 100% validation. From the 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that inspect the complex geometries of aero engine components, the laser tracker guided assembly of the largest airframes, non-contact laser scanning or optical measurement for lightweight materials, to statistical analysis and digital information transfer, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence technologies and solutions play an important role in guaranteeing design validity and production accuracy to make planes, helicopters and spacecraft safer.

Aero Assembly

Whatever size or type of aircraft, accurate assembly and structural symmetry is essential to ensure efficient aerodynamic performance and safe operations through the product lifecycle.


Aero Engine

Whether it’s the small to medium-sized engines of light aircraft or the powerhouse jet engines of the world’s largest commercial airliners, aero engines consist of layer upon layer of complex geometric components.



With defence budgets increasingly squeezed but governments still demanding the highest standards of equipment to enable service personnel to operate safely and effectively, defence industry suppliers are under pressure to make cost savings throughout their manufacturing processes.


Space Exploration

Ever since humankind first attempted to reach the stars, the field of space exploration has been at the cutting edge of technological progress.

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