Software Upgrades

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are able to offer a choice of services from straightforward Software only upgrades through to complete machine retrofits.

Metrology Software has developed at an alarming rate over the last few years, especially since the introduction of CAD to the measurement process. With Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's PC-DMIS and other software's we are able to offer simple “plug & play” upgrades on many systems. As well as Hexagon products we are able to offer upgrades on many other OEM systems. 

The benefits of a software upgrade include*:

  • Integration of CAD to the measurement process
  • Ability to measure parts with increased complexity and accuracy.
  • Option to have “one” software across all of your metrology platforms
  • Increased productivity through “Offline” programming features
  • Enhanced reporting from ISIR through to Statistical control.

*Offering may vary by country. Please contact your local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence representative to find out more about your area.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about upgrades:

Q: When I Upgrade will the machine be more accurate or faster ?
A: In general terms No. The improvements in throughput will be on Software capability and functionality. However in some cases features in a new electronics controller can enable smoother, quicker cycle times (> 30% quicker).

Q: If I upgrade my system what will happen to my part programs
A: In some cases the Old system and Programs and the New system can be switchable. In the case of new Controllers none of the old programs can be used (unless the software allows) however PCDMIS can import DMIS files and has executable options for MMIV, Tutor and Master.

Q: When I have Upgraded a non Hexagon machine who will fully Service & Support the system?
A: We have Carefully established and Trained our own Service Team and Partners so that we can offer a complete Service and Support including Spare Parts , Annual Calibration and Breakdown Cover in line with the O.E.M’s.

Q: How much Training is involved ?
A: All our upgrades are available with a range of training courses from 3 to 8 days dependant on the upgrade taken, courses are run at our regional training centres.

Q: Would I be better off buying a new machine?
A: It really depends on the condition and size of your machine, the general rule these days is, if your CMM is less than 700mm measuring volume, then there is a good chance that a new more accurate machine (in some cases) will be pretty much the same cost as a retrofit, taking into account that you may get a decent price for your old machine in part exchange against a new one, this is evaluated case by case.

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