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Machine tool measurement helps portal milling machine fly

F. Zimmermann GmbH’s aerospace industry customer tasked them to develop a bespoke portal milling machine to manufacture complex titanium suspensions for aeroplane control surfaces. The new system needs to handle the programming of production paths, all milling operations and on-machine component inspections. In taking on the challenge, Zimmermann chose Hexagon’s Machine Tool Measurement solutions for its custom build to manage in-process and final quality inspections of the manufactured parts.

Increasing CMM utilisation and decreasing measurement turn time with the HP-L-10.10

Max Aerostructures is an industry leader in machine components and complex assemblies, specialising in developing products from conception to reality. Based in Wichita, Kansas, and founded in 2016, they have quickly grown  into a leading aerospace manufacturer, and subsequently expanded their capabilities to support semiconductor manufacturers.

‘Off-the-shelf’ automated shop-floor inspection for aerospace

Having worked with Hexagon and its subsidiaries for over a decade, INSPHERE has a well-established history of using Hexagon metrology solutions to enhance advanced manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace sector. The company provides contract measurement services and expert measurement training, alongside developing custom measurement installations.


Благодаря инвестициям в КИМ французская компания, производящая детали для аэрокосмической промышленности, сократила время проверок на 75%

Аэрокосмическая отрасль испытывает беспрецедентный спрос на новые самолеты, что требует увеличения производительности при сохранении исключительного уровня качества. Figeac Aero, мировой лидер производства деталей для аэрокосмической промышленности, расположенный во Франции, недавно развернул новую координатно-измерительную машину (КИМ) производства Manufacturing Intelligence компании Hexagon, которая справляется с этой задачей, сокращая время проверки на 75% и одновременно повышая точность измерений.

Verification of tools and final parts in aerospace

INDAERO is a Sevillian company with three decades of experience in the aerospace sector. The business began operating in 2002, manufacturing engraved plates and labels for AIRBUS. Two years later, it made its way into the world of machining, expanding its services in the manufacture of aerospace parts and later becoming certified in the EN9100 Aerospace standard.

Tracker and probing expertise for aerospace experts

S&K Aerospace is an aerostructure specialist for wing and fuselage parts and the assembly of commercial aircraft. A certified collective production system enables this all-in-one, one-stop solution provider to carry out all the required work within its own walls, including material handling, machining, forming, surface enhancement, chemical processing and NDT, assembly, final mating and delivery.

Hartzell Propeller Embraces Done in One Manufacturing Philosophy

Piqua, OH sits 30 miles outside of Dayton, close to Wilbur and Orville Wright’s family home. It’s no coincidence that today, Piqua is home to Hartzell Propeller, a global leader in advanced technology propeller design and manufacturing. Piqua had a date with destiny: in 1917, none other than Orville Wright himself advised the Hartzell lumber mill operation to use their supply of walnut trees to manufacture aircraft propellers.

Manoeuvring 80 Metres of Wingspan in a few Minutes

If parking a car or truck is a challenge for some people, imagine bringing the world’s largest commercial aircraft into a hangar. The hangar is far from empty, with 20 operators ready to work on the Airbus A380 whose safety must be guaranteed – along with that of the aircraft worth several hundred million euros. These are the challenges of hangaring an ultra-large aircraft – what is known in aerospace jargon at Airbus as “moulage”.

The First Complete Industrial Assembly Process Based on Laser Measurements

The Airbus A380 is the most modern, spacious and capable civilian aircraft of all time. It was first shown in December 2000, christened “The Flagship of the 21st Century.” The plane was developed in close cooperation with air carriers, airports and air traffic authorities.

Maintaining Longevity Of Large Bridge CMM

Founded over 57 years ago, China Airlines is the main airline carrier in Taiwan, operating over 1 400 flights per week to 118 airports in 115 cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. With a fleet of 84 aircraft, regular engine repairs and maintenance programmes are crucial.

3D rapid surveying of solar panels

At Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, the component testing under burdening of solar panels is part of a vast standard testing routine. In this context, also parameters for stiffness and flatness of the panel are determined. For this task, Eurocopter now relies on the photogrammetric measurement technique and successfully applies the mobile 3D measurement system DPA.


Edgecam and Javelin Assist Growth For Aerospace Manufacturer

Edgecam CAD/CAM software optimises around ten different makes of CNC machine tools for a growing aerospace manufacturer.

Laser Scanner inspection jet wing on robotic arm

Автоматизированные системы сканирования ускоряют производственные процессы в аэрокосмической отрасли

Город Учито в Канзасе, США, известен как "авиационная столица мира". Частично это связано с Национальным институтом авиационных исследований (NIAR) в Уичитском государственном университете, который является ведущей лабораторией по производству самолетов.


Alphacam Dynamic Nesting For Composite Aircraft Panels

A company manufacturing internal composite panels for commercial aircraft are moving towards full dynamic nesting by using Alphacam’s powerful automation capability.

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AE Aerospace and Edgecam Reach New Heights

AE Aerospace has celebrated the 2nd anniversary following its highly successful MBO by Peter Bruch and Andy Masters in 2014. The Birmingham-based company has established itself as a significant player in the precision components market. It supplies components and assemblies to many of the civil and military aircraft currently in service around the world.

Paving the Way to Repeatability and Accuracy

Every gear manufacturing company welcomes growth, but it comes with challenges. They include investing in new equipment to meet capacity, hiring skilled operators if necessary and even finding space to locate the machine.

Airbus jet engine pylons

Airbus jet engine pylons inspected with dual laser tracker setup

The Airbus site in St. Eloi in Toulouse, France manufactures all engine pylons for the entire Airbus aircraft lineup. Engine pylons attach the engine to the wing structure. The pylons are almost invisible to passengers, as they are hidden under various aerodynamic housings under the wing.

Gear and Pinion Inspection

Flying High with More Efficiency

BMT Aerospace benefits directly from the increase in air traffic volume. The order books of the Belgian producer of gears for aerospace applications are full. In order to cope with the amount of work, BMT Aerospace needed a fresh start in the measuring room.


Perfecting The Last Hubble Rendezvous

​Perfecting The Last Hubble Rendezvous: When NASA comes to mind, one instantly envisions their mission to launch vehicles to the moon and beyond. Yet the agency has a secondary mandate. Whatever NASA puts into low earth orbit must be safely brought home upon its expiration date.

Aibus Military A400 Construction

A400M Automated Assembly with Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers

The Final Assembly Line at the Airbus Military facility in Seville, Spain, is the third largest aeronautical station in Europe after Toulouse and Hamburg and welcomes the final assembly and delivery of the A400M, the latest Airbus Military airplane. Designed to a recognised requirement for a new airlifter for European air forces, the A400M incorporates state-of-the-art materials and technology that are being continuously perfected in today’s civil aircraft fleets.


History Making Cold War Era Swiss Jet Fully Digitized With Leica T-Scan

More often than not, industrial metrology involves performing measurements on no-thrills, mundane, dull-as-dish-water measurement objects. Inspecting them is usually as exciting as watching grass grow. But every now and then one comes across a task that is as different as chalk and cheese. Like digitizing an entire fighter bomber jet, for example. Enter the P-16.


The Final Control

The contractors in the aerospace branch of TenCate Advanced Armor have laid down new requirements in terms of dimensional quality control. The firm has called on a service provider to accompany it in this metrology process and contacted several measuring arm manufacturers with a view to purchasing a suitable measuring tool. ROMER was the natural choice thanks to the good reputation of the group and its excellent after-sales service. ROMER was able to satisfy the specifications, and the fact that one of TenCate’s subcontractors had just replaced an old ROMER arm with a new ROMER Absolute Arm augured well for the future!


С целью обеспечения высокой точности сборки компания Premium Aerotec создает новые направления для А350. Роботы теперь должны выполнять задачи по установке продольных элементов жесткости секций фюзеляжа, выполненных из пластика, армированного углеродным волокном (CFP). Мобильная следящая лазерная система позволяет осуществлять точное позиционирование головок робота.


Versatile Use Of The Leitz PMM-C Ultra with Small Precision Parts

Before a precision moulded part, a special screw or a movement element can be installed in the end product it must go through several process stages. At SFS intec development starts with the agreement of a customer‘s construction drawing.


Entrusting Laser Trackers With Critical Measurements For Nearly Two Decades

BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea. As one of the largest defence companies in the world and the largest such contractor in Europe, the company plays an important role in global military aircraft production. The company’s Typhoon, Tornado and Harrier fighter-bombers are all frontline aircraft of the Royal Air Force. BAE Systems is also a major partner in the F-35 Lightning II program and produces the Hawk Advanced Trainer. Investing about 10 percent of its revenues into research and development, BAE Systems has always been at the forefront of what is technologically possible in the world of industrial metrology. The company’s cooperation with Leica Geosystems dates back to 1991, when the world’s first commercially available laser tracker was launched.


Blue and White Metrology under Bavaria’s skies

Aircraft Philipp makes structural components in Übersee, Bavaria for every conceivable type of passenger and military aircraft. One such plane is the Airbus A320, the world‘s best-selling medium-range airliner. So that these silver birds climb safely into white and blue skies all over the world, quality assurance at Aircraft Philipp is firmly grounded on a coordinate measurement system from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

ROMER Arm Reduces Production Bottleneck

The aerospace subsidiary of a multinational manufacturing group needed a solution to alleviate bottlenecks in its production department. The company manufactures towering airframe components which make up the superstructure of commercial aircraft. The company already owns a large bridge CMM of adequate size to measure the parts. However, due to the size and difficulty to move the parts, the company was searching for a portable measurement solution. The objective was two-fold. The first was to relieve some of the bridge CMM’s workload and the second was to be able to measure directly on the machining center setup without removing the fixtured parts.

Dynamic Measurement of the ALMA Project Antenna Settings

The activity sectors covered by SETIS are a reflection of a will to diversify whilst at the same time staying close to the basic professions: the nuclear, aerospace, automobile or research and development industries. SETIS has in its portfolio clients as notable as Airbus, DACIA, EDF, CERN or AREVA and is responsible for the follow up of projects as prestigious as LHC, ITER or the ATV project.

Эргономичностьконструкциймалого Веса

Авиакомпании и авиационные заводы стоят перед решением задач повышения эффективности перевозки пассажиров и грузов. Единственный способ достижения этого - существенное снижение веса и материалоемкости каждого отдельного компонента самолета. RECARO Aircraft Seating не ищет компромиссов между эргономичностью и комфортом своих авиационных сидений для эконом- и бизнес-класса. Вместо этого фирма придерживается высоких стандартов качества и делает ставку на собственный мощный департамент развития, используя координатно-измерительные машины DEA GLOBAL от Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Hexagon Metrology is Assuring Quality of Composite Parts at PCT UAE

Construction without limits Architecture without constrains, futuristic concepts turned into reality, state-of-the-art solutions – all this is possible thanks to the advanced composites materials. Premier Composite Technologies (PCT), located in Dubai, is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of advanced composite solutions for the Architectural Design, Transportation and boatbuilding markets. Composite materials are extremely light, durable and allow the creation of sophisticated geometric shapes. They are used in a wide range of applications such as architecture, marine, rail and wind energy. In order to assure the best quality of manufactured composite parts, PCT uses portable measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology; two Leica Absolute Trackers AT401 and the ROMER Absolute Arm.

Leica Laser Trackers and SpatialAnalyzer

Determinate Assembly (DA) is a technique used in aerospace assemblies that requires drilling precise and matching hole patterns for fastening mating parts. The DA technique is critical to building large structures effectively for aerospace as it allows for consistent, accurate assembly and component alignment. Massive NC machines or large jigs are often used in order to achieve the necessary precision to drill DA hole patterns, but these methods are both expensive and inflexible to changes in design and process. An alternate technique employs a robot on a rail using a large scale precision metrology system. This technique allows DA hole patterns to be drilled precisely in a cell capable of adjusting to changes in design and process.

Создавая Репутацию Качеству

Ежегодное производство более десяти тысяч деталей различных конструкций и их поставка тысячам заказчиков - это непростая задача. А гарантия, что все эти детали соответствуют жестким стандартам качества и безопасности, предъявляемые в аэрокосмической промышленности, является еще более сложной задачей. Но для Öznur Defense and Aviation, производителя аэрокосмического оборудования, расположенного в промышленной зоне Sincan в Анкаре, Турция, такие задачи являются всего лишь повседневной работой.

Measurement of the Geometric Characteristics of ATV Spacecraft

The adventure began in 1951 when Mr Degaud opened a “classical” office of surveying experts in Grenoble. The Olympic Games in 1968 contributed to the company’s rise which became, with 120 people working there, the largest office in the region. Since the 1960s and in the context of the Olympic Games, the company was responsible for measuring stadiums, bobski and toboggan runs or springboards with a tool which was already exceptional and ahead of its time: the Wild theodolite. Always staying faithful to their first theodolite supplier which became Leica Geosystems over time, the company SETIS which belongs to the Degaud group, acquired all the group’s laser tracker generations between 1992 and today: from the SMART 310 to the very latest Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 in addition to the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 together with the Leica T-Probe and Leica T-Scan.

New Heights in Measurement precision

It hardly needs saying that measurement inaccuracies during aircraft construction can have enormous negative consequences. That is why the issues of quality assurance and measurement technology assume such paramount importance in the fields of aviation and space travel. And that is also why Airbus uses no fewer than seven Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers in its Bremen factory. By using the tracker in combination with the new T-Probe, the Bremen-based team has been able to achieve considerable savings in terms of both cost and time.

Ко Взлёту Готов

Посадка в самолет, чтобы перелететь с одного континента на другой, в течение нескольких часов, стала для нас обычным делом. Это стало возможным благодаря более чем столетней истории развития авиации и множеству новейших разработок и высоких технологий, производимые MTU Aero Engines. Гарантируя качетсво, MTU полностью полагается на измерительные системы от Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Преобразование Устаревшего Оборудования В Ценные Активы С Помощью Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

День, когда в 1988 году самый большой и тяжелый самолет в мире - Ан-225 «МРИЯ» - совершил свой первый полет, был историческим для украинской компании ПАО «Мотор Сич»- изготовителя шести двигателей Прогресс D-18Т, которые и подняли этот гигантский самолет в небо. Но никто в авиастроительной отрасли не может позволить себе стоять на месте - разработка новых технологий является ключом к долгосрочному успеху.

Strata Manufacturing PJSC - APPLICATION REPORT

Strata’s Aerospace Hub Strata Manufacturing PJSC, established in 2010 and based in Al Ain is a manufacturer of composite parts for aerospace industry. Strata is wholly-owned by Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company, and is part of Mubadala Aerospace, Communications Technology and Defense Services. Among the partners of Strata are the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Boeing, Airbus and Alenia Aermacchi. The heart of Strata business is located in the 25 square kilometers aerospace hub in the surrounding of Al Ain International Airport. The construction of the hub started in 2010 and Strata was the key anchor tenant there. According to the Al Ain strategic 2030 plan, the aerospace hub will consist of various industrial projects, a business park, office facilities and educational research.