Accessories for Portable Measuring Arms

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a complete range of products and accessories for Absolute Arm systems. Whatever your specific application and whichever products you use, we have what you need. All our products and accessories offer the same premium quality and practical design you expect from a high-end device. If you have any questions about our range, please contact your local Hexagon representative for advice and guidance on making the right purchasing decision for you.

3D Scanners for Portable Measuring Arms

Essential 3D laser scanning accessories for both 6- and 7-Axis Absolute Arm systems

Probes for Portable Measuring Arms

The Absolute Arm is compatible with nearly 100 versatile probing options.

Mounting Options for Portable Measuring Arms

A selection of bases, tripods and stands compatible with every Absolute Arm

Портативные базовые станции для портативных измерительных манипуляторов

Рабочее место с возможностью установки устройства Swift-Fix, обеспечивающего удобство перемещения, измерения и хранения портативных систем измерительных манипуляторов.

Large-Volume Measurement with Portable Measuring Arms

Volume expansion accessories allow the Absolute Arm to measure parts and objects beyond its standard reach.

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