AICON MoveInspect HF4

3D motion analysis & dynamic testing

The optical portable coordinate measuring machine AICON MoveInspect HF4 captures dynamic processes such as movement or deformation three-dimensionally and analyses them regarding geometric changes. The system records any number of measuring points for an unlimited period of time at a high frequency.

Even under spatially cramped and climatically challenging conditions, AICON MoveInspect HF4 provides precise and reliable measurement results. Thanks to the compact design and the industrial IP65 housing, the system is suitable for outdoor measurements. Furthermore, it can be installed in a climatic chamber to e.g. analyze asphalt sample movements. Time at the laboratory is minimized.

3D motion analysis & dynamic testing

Two high-resolution digital cameras are mounted on a camera bar. They collect data without time limit at a frequency of up to 1,000 Hz. For each point in time, the MoveInspect software determines, e.g. the 3D coordinates of object points, the 6-DOF coordinates of solid bodies, and the speed of the points and solid bodies. This calculation is based on the principle of spatial image triangulation and fully automated.

For the measurement, adhesive targets are placed at all points to be measured. The measuring system is oriented so that all measuring points are viewed by the cameras. The collected coordinates are automatically transferred to the measuring software. To analyze the measurement, different modes are available: online (real time) or offline (later). The results of the dynamic measurements are displayed in a clear and descriptive manner, e.g. by displacement vectors on the measurement images, path-time-diagrams or video sequences.

Using standard interfaces, AICON MoveInspect HF4 can be synchronized with other systems and supports the operation and control of dynamic processes. The system can be directly integrated into the manufacturing process; thus, production errors can be detected on the spot and corrected at once.

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Your Advantages

  • Identification of the 3D position and speed of a variable number of measuring points for an unlimited time period
  • Direct link to central data acquisition system
  • 3D deformation testing also possible in destructive testing thanks to inexpensive target accessories
  • Significantly reduced setup work in comparison to traditional sensors such as travel sensors
  • Clear visualization of results including shifting vectors, way-path-diagrams and video sequences


 Sensor  MoveInspect HF4 camera
 Resolution  4.0 megapixels
 Number of cameras
 According to measuring task: 2 or more cameras on tripods or 2 cameras on camera bar
 Distance of cameras
 Fixed or variable
 Body  Camera body suits industrial needs (IP 65)
 Illumination  LED high power ringlight
 Acquisition frequency  500 Hz (full resolution)
 1,000 Hz (ROI mode)
 Sensor size
 1,000 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm (assembly on camera bar)
 Sensor weight
 Approx. 10 kg
 Control unit  Syncbox for up to 4 cameras (cascadable), ext. synchronization, power supply 12 V or 90-240 V, Lemo connector
 Data transfer
 Processing unit
 High-end notebook, industrial PC possible
 Operating system
 Microsoft® Windows® 7 (64 Bit)


 Interfaces  Interfaces to all established data acquisition systems and 3D inspection software
 Measuring mode
 Offline, online, realtime
 Typical accuracy for 1 m³
 Up to 0.1 mm


  • Tripod
  • High-end notebook
  • Calibration tool
  • Reference cross
  • One set of coded targets (150 pcs), thereof 75 on magnetic mount
  • 5,000 retro reflecting targets (Ø 10 mm)
  • Transportation box, tripod bag

Technical data are subject to change without notice


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