Greatly reduces the complexity of machine tool calibration and volumetric error compensation.

The ETALON X-AX LASERBAR replaces the need for multiple devices when calibrating small and medium 3- to 5-axis machine tools. Instead, it provides a single, semi-automatic system that rapidly delivers results at the touch of a button. It is a compact, light, and cost-effective solution that uses patented measurement technologies to determine volumetric machine deviations.

Determination of deviation values for the linear and rotation axes

With conventional measuring equipment, it can take several days to capture the total geometric deviation of a 5-axis machine. In contrast the X-AX LASERBAR can fully capture all the geometrical deviations of a 5-axis machine in only a few hours.

X-AX LASERBAR relies on interferometric measurements to determine the geometric condition of the machine tool. The laser is guided by the machine through the working area via a multi-stage telescopic tube. Each end of the tube is supported by precision spheres resting on magnetic nests. This makes it possible to calibrate smaller and medium-sized machine tools with 3, 4, 5 or more axes.

Rapid software analysis and reporting

Combined with the sophisticated TRAC-CAL software, the measuring system analyses the entire working area of the machine tool. It provides a spatial accuracy of 1 µm and determines position deviations, straightness deviations in both directions, rotational deviations (pitch, yaw, roll) and the perpendicularity of the axes to each other. The angular positioning deviation, the axial and radial movements and the wobbling of rotary axes are also fully recorded, as well as the axis orientation in the machine coordinate system. The system also generates a measurement report for documentation purposes at the touch of a button.

To increase the accuracy of the machine tool, correction data can be automatically generated for the control system. This maximises the reduction in geometrical errors and results in a stable production process that creates hardly any rejects or parts that need to be reworked.


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Fast and independent monitoring of machines
With only a few steps, a variety of machines can be monitored, verified and documented. In comparison to other solutions, the X-AX LASERBAR captures more geometric data in less time and with less effort. 

Determination of the quality-relevant axis geometry 
For linear axes: straightness in both direction, pitch, yaw, roll, positioning (6 DOF) + squareness, up to axis lengths of 1.5 m.
For rotary axes: axial and radial runout, wobble and angular positioning (6 DOF) + orientation.

Optional volumetric compensation for maximum accuracy gain
If the geometry of a machine is out of tolerance, compensation data can be exported in a single step and imported to the appropriate machine control to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Standard-compliant machine verification

The verification measurements are compliant with the ISO 230-2, -6 or VDI 3441 standards, with ISO 230-4 (ballbar test) available as an option.

Lightweight, flexible device for universal use
Thanks to its modern industrial design, the X-AX LASERBAR can be mounted on various machine sizes and types with very low installation effort. This makes the X-AX LASERBAR suitable for use at various locations and limits the need for multiple acquisitions.
Uncertainty  U(95%) = 1.0 µm
Measurement range  270 mm – 1050 mm / 210 - 745 mm
Horizontal angular range  no fix limit
Vertical angular range  -45° to +75°
Weight  0.4 kg (without sensor box)
Etalon X-AX Laserbar Brochure