OPTIV Dual Technology

Enhance efficiency and flexibility in multisensor inspection.

OPTIV Dual consists of three technologies purpose-built for multisensor operations, enabling users to drive productivity by enhancing application flexibility, reducing cycle times, and increasing accuracy.

Each tool has its own particular strengths and focus in terms of productivity enhancement, but all three are united by the fact that they make multisensor measurement simpler, more streamlined, and less time-consuming.

The OPTIV Dual technologies are:

– offering collision-free accessibility to more measuring positions with two independent vertical axes, reducing the need for re-clamping

OPTIV Dual Rotary
 – enabling accessibility to more measuring positions with automatic part rotation

OPTIV Dual Camera
– increasing application flexibility with automatic switching between high precision and high throughput zoom modes

These tools can be installed as options on a range of Hexagon’s multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Click on each of the OPTIV Dual technologies to learn more about how each tool can enhance inspection and increase productivity.

Optiv Dual Z

Reduce inspection time and maximise measuring accessibility with Optiv Dual Z, mounting optical and tactile sensors on two independent vertical axes.

Optiv Dual Rotary

Enabling simplified programming and fast multisensor measurements, Optiv Dual Rotary uses two fully integrated CNC rotary axes to maximise workpiece accessibility and reduce the need for reclamping.

Optiv Dual Camera

Optiv Dual Camera enables lightning-fast switching between high accuracy and quick measurement.

Демонстратор 3D Optiv

Узнайте о том, как расширенные мультисенсорные технологии, такие как Optiv Dual Z, Optiv Dual Rotary и Optiv Dual Camera, способствуют повышению эффективности процесса...

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