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by Andrew Scarella on March 31, 2016 From Ask The Experts

They say that you can have speed, and you can have accuracy — but you can't have both.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence disproved this myth at a Tier 1 automotive stampings and subassemblies supplier. Using the qFlash Blue Light non-contact measurement system, a qFlash 350mm x 350mm large field of view lens set and the CoreView Software 8.2 design platform, applications engineers were able to dramatically decrease data collection times while providing an easy-to-use, highly portable solution for measuring complex parts.

Two parts were evaluated. First, a non e-coated fan disk was measured in its free state. The initial setup took about 5 minutes, including scene setup and loading CAD. The data was collected in 8 quick shots, and was ready for analysis without any post-process required.  

The second part, an e-coating fan disk, was also measured in its free state. The initial setup required about 2 minutes, and the point cloud data acquisition was established in 16 shots. The bigger number of shots was required due to the presence of the e-coating (a dark surface), but no spray or part treatment was needed to obtain the measurement data.

The analysis method included a point cloud to CAD comparison process, a feature calculation using a proprietary 2D image analysis, and a 2D analysis with cross sections that yielded interesting data. The rapidly acquired information clearly showed that in some critical curved areas, angles and radii were deviating from design requirements. True position and diameter data on closed features also revealed that the drill holes in the disks deviated from design as well. Inspecting the color map comparison allowed engineers to get a complete picture of part condition relative to the model. This comparison indicated the high deviation areas as compared to the design, and enabled the team to analyze deviation distribution on the fan disk component.

Using this very portable, fast and accurate solution, the supplier was able to leverage the qFlash product's non-contact technology to drive speed and confidence in their manufacturing approach. Armed with this knowledge, the company is able to make strategic, data-driven decisions about improving their fan disk fabrication process.

Andrew Scarella

Andrew Scarella is the Digital Marketing Manager for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America. He contributes to this blog as well as updates the North American website and provides content for the company social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.