AICON SmartScan

Compact, mobile 3D white light scanner

Precise and flexible

The contact-free optical scanning technology allows for very fast data acquisition and a high level of detail. The compact design and low weight (4 kg) of the AICON SmartScan allow for mobile use, even in challenging workshop conditions. Even under temperature fluctuations, the scanner performs extremely stably and reliably.

The white light scanner ensures an effective and affordable measuring performance, e.g. for applications in quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. Equipped as five or eight megapixel digital camera version, the AICON SmartScan provides the best setup required for a maximum degree of detail in the scanning process. To meet individual customer requirements, various system configurations are available. Depending on the scanner model, measurement fields from 60 mm up to 1,550 mm can be captured by changing the camera lenses and the base length. Working distance ranges from 340 mm to 1,500 mm, according to configuration.

The measurement volume of the AICON SmartScan ranges from a few millimeters to about one meter. In combination with a photogrammetry system, even considerably larger objects can be captured down to the minutest detail.

Quick and easy digitization

With the AICON SmartScan, objects are digitised within seconds, irrespective of their size and complexity, and are directly available as high-precision 3D data in numerous standard formats for further processing. The white light scanner works with the renowned AICON OptoCat software for fast creation of highly precise point clouds with highest data quality.

When necessary, fully automated 3D digitisation is possible by adding a turntable or robot, which is synchronised with the measurement process.
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  • Ideal introduction system into 3D metrology
  • Colour cameras
  • Modular, upgradeable system configuration
  • Mechanical and thermal stability
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Ideal for mobile use
  • Fast and easy change of measuring fields

Image processing

  • Host computer: Workstation / Workstation Professional
  • Computer interface: GigE
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 Bit Edition)
  • System software: OptoCat for Windows
  • Data interface: BRE, STL, PLY, VRML 


  • Principle of operation: Miniaturized Projection Technique (MPT)
  • Smallest field of view: 60 mm
  • Largest field of view: 1,550 mm
  • Light source: LED white or blue
  • Sensor weight: 4.0 kg
  • Imaging: Two professional high resolution digital CCD cameras
  • Camera resolution: 5.0 and 8.0 Megapixel
  • Acquisition time: Minimum 1-2 seconds 


  • MI.Probe mini
  • Manual turntable (inclusive), automated turntable
  • Tripod for industrial applications
  • Carbon fibre calibration tools 

Workstation Technical data subject to change without notice.

AICON Scanning Solutions Brochure


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