I++ Simulator

Online Simulation in the Virtual Laboratory.

The I++ Simulator option is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of the complete measuring process. Realistic and comprehensive collision monitoring can only be carried out by visualising the complete process (machine, sensor, tool changers, tools, fixture and part).

Use of the I++ DME standards
The I++ Simulator is based on the independant I++ DME interface. As such, the I++ Simulator operates as a I++ server and machine in one software package - independent of the metrology software. The I++ Simulator can be used with every I++-conform metrology software(I++ client).

The I++ Simulator can be used to simulate existing measurement programs as well as creating new ones using teach-in or off-line methods such as CAD. All without machine downtime. No additional know-how is required; reality merges with virtual reality to create the impression of sitting in front of a machine. The gamepad replaces the jog box for moving the machine and taking points manually.

Moreover, the I++ Simulator is the ideal training tool. All aspects of coordinate metrology can be practiced offline, without damaging a real machine due to "real" collisions. Cost effective, on-going, training increases the capabilities and qualifications of individual employees without tying up expensive machine time.

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  • Existing QUINDOS parts are 100% compatible
  • Programs from other I++ DME - compatible measuring softwares can also run in the simulator
  • Collision and simulation TeachIn programming utilising a conventional gamepad
  • Selection of machines (Hexagon Metrology, Wenzel, Zeiss, etc.)
  • Comprehensive tool tip libraries (Hexagon Metrology, Renishaw, Zeiss)
  • Comprehensive components libraries (sensors, connectors, tool changers, rotary tables etc.)
  • Custom tool creator
  • Import of parts, fixtures, tools, etc. in CAD format
  • Selectable views during measurement using cameras attached to individual components
  • Automatic moving path generation
  • Simulation sequence creation
  • Measuring uncertainty simulation (VCMM, PTB) - optional
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