DPA Entry

Entry-Level Photogrammetry

Featuring a quality mid-range digital camera and a basic selection of measurement targets, DPA Entry delivers the ability to make simple measurements within less challenging production environments using the full power of digital photogrammetric analysis.

Part of the DPA Series, DPA Entry is the perfect system for well-trained users familiar with the principles of photogrammetry and capable of taking full control of the measurement process, including all required camera settings.

Like the rest of the DPA Series, the performance of the DPA Entry system is built on the full functionality of the DPA Pilot software platform. With its selection of targets and high-definition camera quality, DPA Entry delivers sufficient accuracy for the wide range of applications that present relatively simple parts for analysis.
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DPA-Entry_EOS-6DMid-Range Camera Unit
20-megapixel digital camera unit.

Metrology-Grade Accuracy
DPA Entry delivers measurement accuracy to within 15 microns.

Full Control
Full control of all complex camera settings directly in the hands of the end-user.

Measurement Accessories
Basic range of measurement targets and scale bars designed for the measurement of simple parts.

Wide Compatibility
Modern, easy to use interface to major metrology software packages.
DPA Series Brochure
How to clean your DPA photogrammetry system

DPA Professional

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