About Laser Tracker Systems

Learn more about the wide range of measurement and production applications that can be improved with the introduction of a laser tracker system.

Absolute Tracker: Speed

Measuring quickly and efficiently has a range of meanings, but we have a metrology-grade solution no matter what type of speed is important to you.

Absolute Tracker: Scale

When high-end measurement is increasingly demanded for larger parts and surfaces, specialised tools are required to maintain productivity.

Absolute Tracker: Portability

Our range is built on quick and easy portability, from all-in-one low weight design to simple setup and repositioning processes.

Sisteme de tip tracker cu laser

Un standard pe termen lung în sectorul metrologiei industriale: Sistemele de tip tracker cu laser sunt ideale atunci când vine vorba de precizie, fiabilitate și...

Laser Tracker Scanning Solutions

Our selection of direct scanning and handheld scanning laser tracker systems leads the market when it comes to portable 3D digitisation within large measurement volumes.

Laser Tracker Probing Solutions

When a measurement point is beyond the line-of-sight of the laser tracker, an extendable touch probe is the natural solution for fast and easy hidden-point measurement.

Laser Tracker Automation

Our laser tracker-based robotic measurement and control systems are about elevating the potential of industrial automation and bringing metrology-grade accuracy to the...

Accesorii pentru sisteme tracker cu laser

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence oferă o gamă completă de produse și accesorii pentru sistemele Leica Absolute Tracker. Indiferent de aplicația dvs. specifică și de...

Laser tracker Absolute: Service și asistență

Explorați programele și pachetele Hexagon de servicii dedicate gamei Absolute de laser trackere, de oriunde în lume.