RS-SQUARED Area Scanner

The world’s fastest portable measuring arm scanner

Built on a platform of advanced structured light scanning technology, the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner is a ground-breaking 3D scanner compatible with all current generation Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems.

The RS-SQUARED is a white light scanner that uses an Absolute Arm system to position large square ‘tiles’ of 3D scan data. This removes the need for the time-consuming application of reference markers or spray, or for complex RS-SQUARED-Applicationmechanical processes such as fringe projection that require a stable environment. Up to four data tiles are captured every second, which, combined with a minimal set-up time creates a scanning system capable of generating point cloud data in less time than ever. 

As with other Absolute Arm scanners like the RS6 Laser Scanner, the RS-SQUARED can be easily removed and remounted at will with no need for time-consuming recalibration processes thanks to an innovative repeatable mounting system. Simply switch to ultra-high-speed area scanning when the application calls for it and switch right back to touch probing or the high-definition laser scanning of the RS6 Laser Scanner in an instant.

The RS-SQUARED Area Scanner represents a new direction for portable measuring arm technology, embracing the need for high-productivity by incorporating advanced white light scanning technology. Together with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis, it’s a key part of the ultimate all-round portable measurement solution for medium-to-large sized components.

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Scan area
An extra-large scan ‘tile’, measuring 300 by 300 millimetres, makes the RS-SQUARED an incredibly fast scanning solution by allowing it to cover a larger area faster. 

Hexagon_MI_RS-SQUARED_FACC_Application_Photo_3-for-webUltra-high productivity
With up to four data tiles collected every second, the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner is so fast that a surface that would take an hour to scan with a high-quality laser scanner can be digitised in just 10 minutes.

Full touch probing 
The retained touch probe functionality of the Absolute Arm ensures that high-detail geometric features can be captured at any time by simply removing the RS-SQUARED from the arm and connecting a probe.

Configurable wrist
The RS-SQUARED has been designed to sit perfectly within the user-configurable modular wrist of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis, following the lead of the flagship RS6 Laser Scanner by being entirely removable and remountable as required, with no need for recalibration.

User feedback
Data feedback and settings adjustment at the point of measurement is built into the Absolute Arm 7-Axis through its OLED on-wrist display, and the RS-SQUARED is integrated within this concept perfectly with scanner profiles selectable without the need to put down the scanner.

ISO certification
The full scanning system accuracy of the complete RS-SQUARED Area Scanner and Absolute Arm 7-Axis system is supplied certified according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D.

Built upon years of portable measuring arm 3D scanner technology, the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner is the latest in a long line of market-leading scanners for articulated measuring arms, going back to the ROMER Scanners that were paired with the ROMER Arm and ROMER Absolute Arm and now beyond.
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