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Coordinate Measuring Machines

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has the largest range of stationary coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in the world. Stationary measuring systems from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are used across a whole range of industry applications.

Laser Tracker Systems Industrial Theodolites and Laser Stations

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's Laser Tracker product portfolio offers the most complete range of equipment and software used in the metrology field today and continuously sets new standards in 3D metrology and process control.


Whatever the application, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has a sensor solution to match.

CMM-uri Optice și Multisenzor

Flexibilitatea este elementul cheie în tehnologia multisenzorilor. Un sistem de măsurare vă permite să alegeți între măsurare optică sau cu contact. 

PowerTrain Solutions

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence PowerTrain Solutions specialises in measuring powertrain components and special geometries which is important for companies in the automotive industry, aerospace, power engineering, general mechanical engineering and many other industries.

Brațe de măsurare portabile și sisteme de inspecție a tuburilor

Sistemele de măsurare portabile vă permit să efectuați măsurători direct în mediul de producție, unde îmbunătățirile procesului sunt cele mai benefice, oferind simplitatea operării și măsurători 3D fiabile.

White Light Scanner Systems

White Light Measurement are comprehensive 3D optical measurement solutsion, focused on improving engineering and manufacturing processes in automotive and other manufacturing industries. 3D Measurement is an increasingly significant strategy which allows manufacturing organisations to accelerate product introductions, reach higher product quality, reduce production costs and bring about higher profits for each product.

Micrometers Calipers & Gauges

Gauges and hand tools are the most simple and widely used products in Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's industrial metrology offering. Calipers, thread gages, bore and height measuring devices are suitable for countless applications.


Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is the largest software developer in the metrology industry and offers a wide range of in-house developed, customisable software packages that deliver intelligent and effective acquisition, analysis, management and presentation of collected data.

Machine Tool Probing

From probe systems, through tool setters, to software, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers an extensive range of highly precise and dependable solutions to satisfy manufacturers’ on-machine probing needs. 


HxGN LIVE, conferința internațională anuală a companiei Hexagon, conține cuvinte cheie inspirate, networking nelimitat și tehnologii care trebuie neapărat văzute