New Industrial Ethernet Feature Pack for Leica Absolute Tracker

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Enhances Automation Interface and Updates System Software

17 martie 2016
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has today announced the latest system software release for the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and AT930, in parallel with the launch of a new Industrial Ethernet Real Time Feature Pack (RTFP) designed to support laser tracker based machine control and robotic guidance applications. 

Built on the industry-proven EtherCAT protocol, the RTFP both meets the deterministic measurement data-delivery requirements of high-end automated installations and adds a range of new capabilities. In addition to cyclic data delivery with EtherCAT distributed clock support and several triggering options, the RTFP provides a basic command interface, enabling tracker control from non-Windows environments.

“The ability to extend our .NET based LMF communication interfacing with the Industrial EtherCAT protocol adds a real extra dimension to the data captured by the laser tracker,” explains Markus Steiner, Product Manager for Laser Tracker Software at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “We are providing our 6DoF data rate of up to 1000 Hz with low latencies and highly-accurate timestamps, which is why we call it 7DoF measurement data. If you know exactly when every data point was taken and how long it will take to travel across the network, you can synchronise a machine control system accordingly and apply corrections in real time – even in very dynamic robotic setups. This technology is a real step forward for metrology-informed manufacturing and our sensing, thinking and acting philosophy, and is supported by a robust software and firmware upgrade which will improve functionality across our laser tracker range.”

As well as supporting the RTFP, the system software upgrade integrates the recently released Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8 handheld laser scanning solution, alongside improved Tracker Pilot checks and comps. It also offers new laser tracker service tools including preventative indicators, recertification reminders and remote technician access to help customers remain confident in the performance of their device.

The RTFP is available as an option with all new orders of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and AT930 models, or as a service retrofit. Both models can also be upgraded to the latest firmware. More information is available through local Hexagon commercial operations and dealers.
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