Boost Your Career Opportunities with The Expertise and Prestige of a Global Innovator

Since you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking for opportunities to explore.

Maybe you’re looking to explore your future prospects and see what working in a global company might be like. Perhaps you want to explore what you are capable of. Do you want to explore how you could change the world?

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, you will experience industry-leading technology and the innovation that goes into developing it. You will gain skills and knowledge by working on real projects that are changing the world. You will learn from experts in the field who are passionate about their work and empowering the next generation to do even greater things.

There is a revolution happening in manufacturing. This revolution is creating a more productive world. We are developing the technologies that deliver the connectivity, data intelligence, and efficiency that makes such productivity possible. We also develop the talent and the leaders of the future who will continue this legacy of manufacturing innovation. 

An apprenticeship or internship with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence allows you to learn about yourself and the impact you could have on the manufacturing industry. You will have the chance to get:

Hands-on training, working with innovative technologies and experienced professionals
Practical, real-life experience that can’t be fully explored in a classroom or textbook
The skills and support you need to unlock a bright future in manufacturing solutions development

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to explore, click here to see our current open positions.