Life at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Discover What It’s Like to Work at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

It’s not easy to sum up life at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. We’re a big company, with big dreams and a big portfolio of solutions to make these dreams a reality. So you’re looking at a diverse business with diverse opportunities. 

As you’re reading this, a Hexagon employee might be shooting a video at a huge industry event in China. Perhaps they are using one of our solutions to preserve a masterpiece of European architecture. Or maybe they are in one of our American centres and they’ve just had a pivotal idea for our next big innovation. 

And where could you be? Perhaps you’ll be changing the world from one of our modern offices or factory floors; or maybe you’ll be above the world, flying to one of our many global operations, customer facilities, or events. 

Truth is, there are many lives to be had at Hexagon; how your life is shaped is your choice. It’s your journey, and we’ll support you along the way. 

But no matter the variation in our professional and personal backgrounds or how different our days might look, Hexagon is a team, and life here is lived according to some fundamental principles:  
  • Innovation. No matter our role, we are all closing the gap between what is and what should be in the world.
  • Communication. Whether we’re working with customers or colleagues, our relationships are built on openness, clarity, honesty, and the truth. 
  • Teamwork. Our employees are characterised by expertise, enthusiasm, and excellence. When we work together, our individual strengths are multiplied.