hélices, turbinas e pás

Soluções para apoiar a fabricação, medição e manutenção de hélices, turbinas e pás de rotor para uma gama completa de aplicações industriais.

Measuring aerofoil blades in a fraction of the time

The inspection of aerofoil blades can be time consuming. Quality control can take almost as long as the production process itself because it requires extremely high levels of accuracy and precision. 

Reducing Blade Inspection Times By Up To 50%

Technology advances make it possible to choose both higher throughput and accuracy when measuring fan and turbine blades.

Quality Assurance of Turbine Blades

The functional properties of turbine blades are multifaceted. A curved surface gives them aerodynamic properties, and specially shaped cooling holes ensure their thermal stability.


Accelerated Turbine Blade Measurement

Highly complex and time-sensitive manufacture of turbine blades requires fast measurement directly within the manufacturing process. Time-optimised blade measurement can be carried out with the Leitz SIRIO BX from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in the manufacturing environment.