Braços de Medição Portáteis

Os braços de medição portáteis permitem que você faça medições diretamente no ambiente de produção, resultando em melhorias no processo de produção.

Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The flagship of the Absolute Arm range, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in a uniquely ergonomic package.

Absolute Arm 6-Axis

A specialised touch measurement tool that also boasts the option for entry-level 3D scanning - the Absolute Arm 6-Axis is one of a kind

Absolute Arm Compact

The Absolute Arm Compact is the ultimate solution for ultra-high-accuracy touch probe measurement of small-to-medium sized parts.

RS5 Laser Scanner

The RS5 Laser Scanner is a cutting-edge sensor designed to seamlessly integrate with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis.

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