CoreView Pro

Software enabling greater collaboration on white light scanner-generated measurement data

CoreView Pro is designed to drive better production decision-making with comprehensive yet intuitive multi-part analysis.

The metrology software enables viewing, analysis, reporting and enterprise-wide collaboration based on common dimensional measurement information generated by white light scanner systems. 

CoreView-Pro-DoorsideCoreView Pro 3D inspection software allows remote viewing and analysis of shop-floor parts as well as assembly and tool measurements as soon as they are produced. 

The measurement software requires no post-processing of data before use and automatically presents detailed analysis and comparison with nominal data and design intent. It can load multiple measurements of a single part and generate inspection reports of these multiple measurements using the CoreView Reporting module. 

CoreView Pro provides various part and process analysis tools to evaluate stability and conformity of manufacturing processes as well as unique engineering tools such as Master Part generation and tolerance adjustment.

CoreView Pro is available for free download in the software download section below.  
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Multi-part analysis
Get a more comprehensive view of quality by analysing multiple measurement outputs. Gain greater insights into processes and production trends of each part over time. 

CoreView-Pro-ScreenVisual SPC
Analyse part quality and detect problems easily with a range of simple visual tools, streamlining processes with surface analysis, quick identification of part deformation, and call outs for defined critical features and areas.

Virtual manufacturing part and tolerance adjustment
Define accepted and rejected tolerances based on multi-part inspection. 

Enhance decision-making
Enhance understanding of features with trend charts for large data sets. Improve quality and production by making better decisions based on identified trends in how features behave during production over time and changes in terms of quality and position.

Factory-wide collaboration
Breakdown silos by allowing key stakeholders across the product lifecycle to engage in the analysis process. Unlimited access to the software allows managers and users from design, through production, to quality to install CoreView Pro and interpret the actual data, providing more output flexibility.  

Office desktop PC compatibility
Operate from the comfort of an office space away from production by installing CoreView Pro on your desktop PC.
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