CoreView Mapping

Fully integrated mapping tool for 3D optical measurement

CoreView Mapping is a highly accurate photogrammetry software module for performing the scene mapping process, establishing a coordinate system and 3D frame of reference during 3D optical measurement.

The metrology software makes this task easy, automatically generating a 3D skeleton of targets which allows accurate stitching of the acquired 3D surface and feature data into a cohesive model.

CoreView Mapping is a standalone software included as part of Hexagon’s Mapping Kit Package, which includes scale bars, camera, and a range of other hardware.
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Comprehensive mapping capabilities 
Determine and maximise the quality of the mapping scene, ensuring accurate mapping for very small parts through to body in white (BIW) or larger.

Intuitive system
Get mapping quickly and easily with CoreView Mapping’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use system.
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