CoreView Analysis

CoreView Analysis - Post measurement analysis

CoreView Analysis is a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence software product used for off-line computation of collected dimensional data, post measurement analysis of results and reverse engineering operations. CoreView Analysis allows customers to optimize the use of the Cognitens platform by shifting time consuming tasks to an off-line station thus improving the overall throughput of their system.

Installed on a standalone PC, the CoreView Analysis software is used to calculate measurements and transforms them into meaningful dimensional information which can be analyzed and exported to CoreView Pro.

In addition, CoreView Analysis provides the necessary tools for conducting various detailed analysis studies on the dimensional measurement information. Engineers from different disciplines use CoreView Analysis to conduct digital and virtual assembly analysis studies based on measurement results generated by Hexagon Metrology White Light Scanner systems.

In some cases CoreView Analysis is also used to support Reverse Engineering processes intelligently transforming actual measurement information into commonly used 3D data formats.

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  • Defining measurable features, dimensions and tolerances
  • Allows calculation of measured features and dimensions
  • Viewing measurement results and predefined analysis
  • Aligning measurement results to CAD using several methods   
  • Cutting cross sections across the measured object and analyzing measurements
  • Analyzing mutual effects of matching and mating parts in virtual and digital assembly studies
  • Automatic STL generation based on the dimensional measurement for Reverse Engineering processes
  • Generating commonly used outputs for integration with external systems
  • Provides better time utilisation for the Hexagon Metrology White Light Scanner system
  • Provides the comfort of using a regular PC in an office environment
  • Front-loading possible assembly related issues and solving them ahead of time
  • Automatically creating outputs used in reverse engineering processes
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