PowerINSPECT - 3D Geometric measurement & surface inspection software

PowerINSPECT, the software reference for higher quality, higher efficiency during the production process.  Geometric control and complex 3D parts inspection with CAD files.

Standard PowerINSPECT applications: mouldings, prototypes, tools and models.


  • PTB calculation certification
  • Developed under Windows 2000® and Windows XP®
  • Efficient and user-friendly 
  • Available with all ROMER arms 
  • Powerful CAD Interface 
  • Complete tool (geometric and surface)
  • Reduce inspection down times 
  • Quick error identification for cost reduction 
  • Professional presentation of fully customisable control reports

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  • Multiple CAD file Import with several formats
  • GD&T calculation integrated
  • 8 reference calculation methods
  • Automatic geometric identification on the CAD file: Geometric Explorer
  • Point measurements on the fly
  • Section measurements
  • Graphical 2D & 3D report with labels and coloured stickers
  • Customised Excel® reports
  • Statistics: SPC
  • Data output in IGES format


  • Integrated remote control
  • Automatic used probe identification
  • 3D deviation in real time
  • Only 2 days training required
  • Automatic macro creator
  • CATIA V5® Input
  • Coloured mapping
  • Reference optimisation
  • 3D view of the entity to be measured
  • 2D sections viewer
  • Integrates GDS: Maintenance software
  • Shading view during measurement