About SFx solutions

Hexagon’s SFx solutions help manufacturers leverage factory data to make improvements to their processes and products

Capturing and using the right data from interconnected devices and systems allows manufacturers to build more intelligence into their processes, making factories more agile and more autonomous.

Hexagon’s SFx solutions equip factories to be smarter, more flexible and more productive by moving captured data from where it is created to where it adds value. They draw on Hexagon’s leadership in design and engineering, production and metrology solutions to enable manufacturers to digitally transform product and asset lifecycle management, operations management and system simulation. 

Build the future with existing assets
SFx solutions are built using Hexagon’s Xalt framework, which provides enabling technologies to build smarter factories using existing assets at a pace that matches business requirements. The Xalt framework is designed to integrate today’s systems and infrastructures with next-generation technologies, ensuring smart manufacturing plans are achievable, scalable and deliver quantifiable results. 

By converging data across all steps of manufacturing, SFx solutions enable manufacturers to leverage data and accelerate the digital transformation of their businesses. Connected devices and systems means empowering people with data and expanding enterprise intelligence. SFx solutions software underpins the digital transformation that is essential to remaining competitive in the manufacturing industry of the future.