QUINDOS - Software for measuring gears

QUINDOS features simple and fast gear measurements. Backed by adequate QUINDOS options, the operative range of a Coordinate Measuring Machine is expanded to a full value gear measuring machine. You only need to enter some specific parameters to measure gears. All travel paths, probing points and scanning lines are created automatically. Different from traditional gear measuring machines a rotary table can be used but is not required on your CMM for gear measurements with QUINDOS. This allows cost efficient gear measurements on pallets, with the benefit of a high throughput.

Measurement of Cylindrical gears, straight or helical, internal and external, on high precision Coordinate Measuring Machines. Evaluation according to DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO or CAT standards, with and w/o eccentricity. Modifications of profil, helixe and tolerance. The QUINDOS Gear package includes the inspection of Serration Gears, with straight or involute profile according to DIN 5481 and DIN 5482.

QUINDOS Unknown Gear
Inspection of straight and helical, external and internal gears or gear segments with unknown parameters.
All standard parameters are evaluated, i.e. module, pressure and helix angle, addendum modification, etc.

QUINDOS Gear Gauges
For calibration of involute masters and lead masters on an ultra high precision coordinate measuring machine. Left and right handed with straight or helical flanks. FELLOWS - type or single gear flank type. (This option requires ultimate precision CMM, i.e. Leitz Infinity)

QUINDOS Straight Bevel Gear
Inspection and evaluation of helix , profile, pitch, tooth thickness etc. of straight bevel gears according to DIN 3965, part 1 and 2. In case of non tooling manufacturing, the mold and die can be measured.

QUINDOS Spiral Bevel Gear
Measurement of Involute Spiral Bevel Gears including Crown Gears according to AGMA 390.03a, Rev. 1988, ANSI/AGMA 2009-A98 and DIN 3965, part 1 and 2,. Evaluation of topography, pitch and tooth thickness, etc.
With interfaces from QUINDOS to GAGE 4/WIN of Gleason Works, KIMOS of Klingelnberg and DMG.

Measurement and evaluation of cylindrical gears according to CATERPILLAR standards 1E0392 and 1E4157.
This includes Tip Modification, Undercut, Root Fillet, Harmonic Amplitude H1, and a plot layout according to CAT specifications.
Requires the Option QUINDOS Gear. Needs the approval of Caterpillar Inc, USA.

QUINDOS Sprocket
Measurement and evaluation of sprockets (Chain wheels) according to DIN 8196. Variants have to be checked by MTWZ and might result in additional programming cost. Requires the option QUINDOS Curves.

QUINDOS with ROMER Absolute Arm
Thanks to the combination with QUINDOS the ROMER Absolute Arm is now able to measure complex parts usually inspected on stationary coordinate measuring machines. All cylindrical gears (internal, external, straight and helical) can be measured rapidly in an intuitive environment.

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