RS Wireless Scanning Bundle

High-speed and fine-detail scanning on the move with the Absolute Arm

RS wireless scanner bundle
The RS-SQUARED Area Scanner, RS5 Laser Scanner and Wireless Pack CP-W now bring all the versatility of the Absolute Arm range into a single turnkey package. The RS-SQUARED allows for rapid scanning of large parts, while the RS5 can be quickly mounted on the same arm when more scan detail is required. Thanks to the CP-W, both scanners can be used totally wirelessly, which means no cables and faster setup, wherever you are.

Swapping from one scanner to the other won’t slow you down either. Simply remove it and mount the other scanner without any need for time consuming calibrations. Both scanners can even be used in the same software session.

Bringing ground-breaking technology together

The ground-breaking RS-SQUARED Area Scanner – the first ever structured light scanner on a portable measuring arm – delivers high-speed blue light ‘tile’ scanning without the need for surface preparation or targets.

With the proven RS5 Laser Scanner, part features, edges and small details can be efficiently digitised to a high degree of accuracy quickly and easily.

With instantaneous switching between these scanners thanks to the patented repeatable mounting joint of the Absolute Arm, the many measurement applications with both large simple surface and small detailed feature aspects can be quickly and efficiently handled by the same tool during the same measurement session.

Both scanners are certified to the same ISO standard for total transparency, so that you can always be sure you’re using the right tool for the job.

True portability

Combining these scanners with our Wireless Pack CP-W results in unparalleled measurement portability. High-speed WiFi connections and two hot-swappable batteries mean that both scanners can be used without any need for cable connections or long extension cords. Move the arm to where it’s needed and start measuring.

The RS-SQUARED and RS5 scanners and the CP-W control pack are available as an exclusive bundle at a special price. Contact us to find out more or arrange a demo.

Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The flagship of the Absolute Arm range, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in a uniquely ergonomic package.

RS-SQUARED Area Scanner

The RS-SQUARED Area Scanner brings ultra-high-productivity 3D white light scanning to the Absolute Arm 7-Axis.

RS5 Laser Scanner

The RS5 Laser Scanner is a general-purpose sensor designed to seamlessly integrate with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis.