Automated tube inspection in high-resolution

TubeInspect P16 with BendingStudio XT
TubeInspect is an all-in-one turnkey measurement cell specially developed for the efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires.

Powered by an array of high-quality cameras that deliver unmatched optical scanning functionality, TubeInspect is all about making tube measurement as fast as possible without compromising on data quality and accuracy. Powered by the leading BendingStudio XT software platform, a TubeInspect system can become the central hub for controlling and analysing the entire tube production process.
TubeInspect is available in four configurations: the industrial-sized P16.2 model and the smaller P8.2, both of which are available in a high-end HRC – high-resolution camera – version. The TubeInspect P8.2 models are suited for tubes less than 1000 millimetres long from end-to-end and with a maximum diameter of 125 millimetres. TubeInspect P16.2 models can measure tubes less than up to 7 metres long and with a maximum diameter of 200 millimetres.

The TubeInspect platform also delivers full automation capability, with high-resolution models ready for complete integration as the quality assurance step within a larger robotic tube production cell. Also delivered with high-resolution models is the possibility to measure end holders and fittings with CAD-Adaptors through image analysis rather than with mechanical adaptors.

Integrated long-life, low-maintenance LED illumination technology smoothly illuminates of TubeInspect measurement field, with the interior sidelight control made automatically through BendingStudio XT. Imaging is fast and detailed with GigE camera technology that ensures synchronic capture of the measuring object within milliseconds. And all this is built on an innovative three-dimensional glass reference surface that is highly precise and offers the reliable stability demanded for shop floor use.

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Asymmetric fittings and holders can be measured without mechanical adaptors, using a digital CAD-Adapter created from a CAD model (IGES, STEP).

Turnkey resilience
TubeInspect comes in the form of an enclosed concept suitable for rough production environments.

Measurement within as little as 3 seconds after placing tube into the measurement system.

Measurement variety
Measure flexible, malleable or freeform bent tubes, either in serial inspection of high-volume batches or for reverse engineering and prototyping applications.

High-resolution cameras
Special HRC models boast an array of 12 megapixel cameras which deliver more detailed inspection functionality as well as powering TubeInspect’s automation capabilities.

TubeInspect-with-robot_Automation_800x428Automation ready
Full integration within a larger robot production cell, with external control possible from within a dedicated BendingStudio XT interface.

Direct control
Hotkey button on TubeInspect front panel allows for quickly beginning and confirming measurements, minimising back-and-forth between cell and desktop.

BendingStudio XT software
The well-established BendingStudio XT platform delivers direct bender interfaces for all major brands, measurement plans for rapid batch measurement, automatic and customisable reporting and easy CAD data import and export.
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Tube and Wire Inspection Solutions Brochure