AICON MoveInspect DPA

3D coordinate measurement with hand-held digital camera


The portable coordinate measuring machine AICON MoveInspect DPA with hand-held digital camera allows for both production control and monitoring on the spot, without long manufacturing downtime or time-consuming transport to the measuring machine. 

The AICON MoveInspect DPA measures objects of any size, from small components to whole airplanes. Typical applications are deformation analysis, tolerance analysis, fixture measurement and CAD comparison.

Measurements with the AICON MoveInspect DPA are very easy and carried out in two steps. Reference marks and adapters signalize the object at the relevant points. With the digital camera, it is then photographed from different angles so that all relevant areas are captured.

The evaluation and adapter correction of the determined 3D coordinates take place fully automatically. The user gets a useful measurement protocol, including a statistic analysis of the results.

The hand-held digital camera offers maximum flexibility in spatially confined or hard-to-reach areas. AICON MoveInspect DPA does not require a stable instrument position, which is a huge advantage for measurements in unstable environments. Even if results are required in a minimum of time, the DPA is exactly the right system. The measurement results are available within a few minutes after the completion of image acquisition.

MoveInspect DPA is part of AICON‘s powerful product line MoveInspect Technology.

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  • Measures objects of any size (from small components to whole airplanes) right on-site
  • Application also under extreme conditions (e.g. in climate chambers or in areas where movement is restricted)
  • High portability (fits into a suitcase in carry-on luggage size) 
  • Optical measurement system which is easy to handle, also for beginners
  • Automated measuring processes, from processing the photo of the object to the generation of final reports
  • Works with analysis software packages including PolyWorks, Rapidform, and Geomagic

Areas of application

 3D Inspection

  • Inspection of sheet metal parts and tolerance analysis
  • Fixture inspection
  • Comparison with CAD
  • Roundness inspection, e.g. tunnels or tanks
  • Measurement of large steel fabricated structures

3D Process analysis

  • Deformation analysis in vehicle safety testing
  • Deformation analysis of sheet metal and plastic parts, e.g. in environmental chambers or strain tests
  • Motion analysis, e.g. of components under load

System components:

  • Digital camera
  • Adhesive targets to signalize relevant object points; adapters to signalize corners or bore holes
  • Calibrated scale bars for full traceability
  • WLAN for wireless image transfer
  • High-end notebook
  • Suitcase in carry-on luggage size

Technical specifications:

 Digital camera
 Canon EOS 5DS with 28 mm AICON metric lens
 Camera resolution
 8,688 x 5,792 pixels (~50 megapixels)
 Picture angle
 Illumination  White light flash
 Storage time  5 images per second
 Operating System
 Microsoft® Windows® 7 and 10
 Data transfer
 WLAN or removable storage device
 Calibration and certification  DAkkS calibrated scale bars, VDI 2634 page 1 certified system
 Measurement accuracy  2 µm + 5 µm/m (RMS),
  3 µm + 7 µm/m (3 Sigma)


 Photogrammetric processing
 Control software for post processing and reporting
 AICON 3D Studio, PolyWorks®, Geomagic® Control™, Geomagic® Verify™, Metrolog®, SpatialAnalyzer® etc.
 Automatic on the job calibration
 Automatic referencing  Yes
 Deformation and motion analysis  Yes
 Adapter correction
 Feature measurement

Technical data are subject to change without notice.

MoveInspect DPA Brochure


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