What's new in Inspire?

Explore the latest features in your version of Inspire.

Inspire 2021.2

  • New functionality that enables Inspire to extract edge points directly from point clouds. To extract and compare to nominal, a CAD file is required.
  • Add material offsets to Cloud-to-CAD alignments and comparisons to simulate/represent extra material or even undersized parts.
  • A new patch scan acquisition mode for the ATS600, to collect cloud data around points or areas of interest much more efficiently.

Inspire 2021.1

  • A new Inspire Viewer Mode. Run Inspire without a license code in Viewer Mode.
  • Multi-instrument alignments. Once instruments are aligned to one another, move all instruments and their respective features/measurements as one rigid body.
  • For linear and angular dimensions, you can now specify whether to dimension the feature centre or the inside/outside edge.

Inspire 2021.0

  • Create new perimeter features to create and plan for future scanning perimeters
  • Use one or multiple surface objects as measurement triggers 
  • Focus on individual XYZ components of comparisons
A play button sits on top of an image of Hexagon's Inspire software. Their is a blue measurement block that has been inspected using the software

Using Perimeters in Inspire

A Perimeter is a region to scan from an automated scanning device. Inpsire has added Perimeter features to help plan for future inspections.


How to use measurement triggers

Measurements are triggered as an instrument's probe crosses the boundary of the specified surface.


  • Extract features from multiple CAD faces and partial surfaces
  • New display options for dimensions and the graphic window
  • Added a new feature intersector operation
Extracting features on Hexagon's Inspire metrology software

Enhanced CAD Feature Extraction

Extract features and organic surfaces using multiple CAD faces. Inspire more intelligently visualizes nominal features to match CAD faces.

Inspire metrology software

New Intersector Feature

The Intersector feature now lets Inspire users create multiple intersection points from two features.


  • Create features and dimensions from individual cross sections
  • Enhanced feature callout visualizations and value display logic
  • Added functionality to the ATS600 interface and updated camera views
Inspire metrology software

Further Cross Section Analysis

Inspire now allows users to perform more in depth analysis of a single cross section. Extract features and create dimensions directly from the cross section view.