Inspire: probing and scanning

Scanning  Probing

Inspire features adaptive measurement modes that reduce the amount of software interaction so that users spend more time measuring and less time navigating through software. Probing data and scanned cloud data are measured and handled essentially in the same manner to further simplify analysis operations. There are unique advantages to both data collection methods and Inspire has created a unified workflow while also highlighting the specific advantages to each method.

ComparisonFor instruments that offer both probing and scanning capabilities, Inspire offers seamless transitions between collecting each data type, often simply requiring a flip of a switch on the instrument or a unique gesture to initiate the switch of measurement acquisition modes. The measurement interfaces for scanning and probing are nearly identical in their look, as well as functionality.

Efficiency is enhanced because there are no separate modules to move your project to when working with different data types. Measurement and analysis operations for both scanning and probe data can be performed within the same instance of Inspire helping to create a streamlined and intuitive workflow.