m&h TS-R-400 radio tool setter

Flexible tool setter with unique handling and mounting options

A radio tool setter inside a machine tool
The m&h TS-R-400 radio tool setter measuring system is used to efficiently determine tool geometries such as tool length and radius on the machine tool. It also measures individual cutting edges and detects tool breakage.

With the m&h TS-R-400, measurement can be carried out both statically and dynamically. The measuring signals from the tool measuring system are transmitted via radio transmission over long distances to the receiver, free from interference. This ensures a streamlined process. 

The tool-setter was designed for ideal use in modern production environment. Equipped with an all-round illumination ring, unique handling and a display on the probe, configuration changes and status checks of the system have never been easier. Additionally, equipped with a separate shank, the TS-R-400 can even be converted to a regular 3D touch probe.

Different mounting types are available for installation in the machine room, such as quick mounting on a pre-mounted base plate or directly on the machine table.
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All-round visible status via illumination ring
m&h R-400 is the first system on the market that uses an illumination ring to display
the status of the machine tool for operators and service staff, providing complete visibility and control.

Unique operation
The m&h R-400 system base is the first touch probe on the market that can be operated
via a touch sensor. Other devices, such as smartphones, are not necessary. The clear display and icons enable intuitive operation. Safety functions such as “lock settings” protect the unit from unwanted adjustments, increasing process reliability.

Flexible mounting options
m&h TS-R-400 can be flexibly mounted in the machine room, depending on the requirements or applications. For secure mounting, for example when fast movements of the table occur, the system can be screwed to the table with slot nuts (TS-R-400-S). Alternatively, it can be placed on a magnetic base plate, enabling the system to be removed from the table when not needed (m&h TS-R-400-M).

MDR and AFS technology in the 2.4 GHz range
Multi Data Rate (MDR) technology makes it possible to transmit high data rates and large data sets in the shortest possible time. The spread spectrum transmission and multiple transfer of records ensure transmission reliability and a fast, trouble-free measurement process.

With Automatic Frequency Select (AFS) technology, the frequency ranges of the 2.4GHz radio band are continually scanned to ensure the automatic selection of partial frequencies that are free of interfering signals. This not only ensures the system's own transmission will be fast and trouble-free, but also prevents interference form WLAN systems or other radio sources.
 Transmission frequency  2400-2483,5 MHz (2,4GHz)
 Transmission/reception   range  Up to 18 m
 Power supply  2x battery (3,6 V / ½ AA)
 Material  Stainless steel, POM, natural glass ring
 Temperature range  Operation: 10°C -50°C, Storage: -20°C -70°C
 Sealing  IP68: EN60529
 Sensing directions  ±X; ±Y; -Z
 Max. stylus overtravel  XY = ±12,5°; Z = -6 mm
 Trigger force  XY = 0,3-1,4 N (factory setting = 1 N)
 Z = 2,5-12,5 N (factory setting = 8,5 N)
 Unidirectional   repeatability
 (deflection from one   direction)
 max. 1 μm (2 Sigma) at 254 mm/min
 Maximum battery life   with  lithium battery  Operation: 300 h,
 Standby: 12 months
 Weight  TS-R-400-S: approx. 960 g
 TS-R-400-M: approx. 1220 g
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