m&h Tool Setter TS35.20

m&h TS35.20 - absolutely waterproof!

The tool setter TS35.20 is designed for use on milling and machining centres and is used to determine tool geometries. The precision measuring mechanism reliably measures tool lengths and tool radii, measures individual cutting edges and detects tool breakage. The measurement can be both static and dynamic.

All tasks can be undertaken in the shortest possible time using the m&h measuring cycles. Precise tool length measurement and tool breakage detection provide certainty during machining. The design in stainless steel and the chip guard cover provide maximum protection and permit usage with the highest requirements.

  • Determination of tool length
  • Measurement of tool radius
  • Detection of broken tools


  • Fast m&h tool measuring cycles
  • Sturdy and durable protected
  • Fast and easy alignment
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  • Very low trigger forces permit the measurement of delicate tools
  • 2 sigma repeatability 1 μm
  • Smallest tool 0.5 mm
  • Highest accuracy due to precision measuring mechanism


  • No rejects due to worn tools
  • Time savings through quick control
  • Process reliability through high repeatability
  • For use on milling machines and machining centres
    - Tool length measurement on stationary or rotating tools
    - Tool radius measurement on rotating tools
    - Tool breakage control
    - Detection of thermal expansion on the measuring axes

Compact construction

  • Low height
  • Fastening to the machine table using slot nut

Exact measurement results

  • Highest accuracy due to precision measuring mechanism
  • Very low trigger forces permit the measurement of delicate tools
  • 2 sigma repeatability 1 ¼m
  • Smallest tool 0.5 mm

Sturdy and protected

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Water-proof sealing in accordance with IP68 standard
  • High level of protection of measuring mechanism by means of protection cover and sealing membranes resistant to chemicals
  • Connecting cable protected by PUR sleeve (optional)
  • Radial protection of the measuring mechanism by break shaft

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Very easy to align by means of 4 adjusting screws
  • Interface integrated into the tool setter, no need for additional space inside the electrical cabinet
  • Air nozzle (optional)
 Unidirectional repeatability  2 Sigma 1 μm
 Sensing directions  ±X; ±Y; -Z
 Max. deflection  Z = 5 mm; X/Y = 6 mm
 Trigger force  Z = 5 N; X/Y = 0,55 - 1,1 N
 Smallest tool  0,5 mm
 Power supply  12 – 32 VDC, max. 25 mA
 Protection class  IP68: EN60529
 Weight  300 g
 Temperature range  Operation 10 °C – 50 °C /
 Storage: 5 °C – 70 °C
 Material  Stainless steel
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