m&h Temperature Probe RWTP20.44

m&h RWTP20.44 - fully automatic part temperature measurement at any stage of the machining process (patented)!

The temperature probe RWTP20.44 is intended for use on large machining centres and 5-axis machines when infrared transmission is not sufficient. It acquires, fully automatically, the part temperature before and during the machining (patented). This enables improved control of the production process and tuning of machining parameters during ongoing production. Temperature-dependent parameters can thus be determined with certainty before the part is taken to the next machining step with a tolerance specification, ensuring a uniformly high manufacturing quality.
  • Determination of workpiece temperature
  • Determination of temperature-dependent parameters


  • Proven and safe SCS technology
  • Reliable and unambiguous activation mechanisms ensure a smooth measuring procedure
  • The only radio-wave temperature probe on the market!
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  • Permanent check of radio channels for interfering signals
  • Automatic blocking of channels by Self Channel Select (SCS)
  • 64 radio channels in protected frequency range, proven worldwide
  • 433 MHz transmitting frequency - internationally approved and high-penetration

  • No machine downtime due to interfering signals
  • High-penetration
  • Automatic blocking of channels by SCS technology



  • Switch-on method AZ - activation of touch probe through pullstud (patented)
  • Switch-on method WS - activation throughinner coolant or spindle air-blow (patented)
  • Switch-on method HSK - automatic activation in the spindlethrough mechanics in HSK shank


  • No machine downtime due to false activation
  • Safest activation systems
  • No M-Function necessary
Fast and dependable temperature measurement
  • Contact temperature measurement
  • Part temperature data transmitted to the controller by radio
  • Protected frequency range, proven worldwide
  • 64 channels, freely selectable
  • Secure signal transmission protocol
  • One receiver for both temperature and measurement signals

Probe activation

  • Reliable activation mechanisms ensure trouble-free measuring
  • The probe is activated in the spindle and is deactivated in the too magazine
  • Switch-on method AZ - activation of probe through pull stud (patented)
  • Switch-on method HSK - automatic activation in the spindle through mechanism in HSK tool shank
  • Switch-on method WS - activation through inner coolant supply or spindle air-blow (patented)

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Simple channel selection
  • Use of standard batteries
  • Quick battery replacement without tools
  • Simple temperature sensor change

Sturdy and durable protected

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Water proof sealing of the probe to IP68
 Recommended probing speed  500 mm/min
 Probing direction  -Z
 Max. overtravel  Z = -7,5 mm
 Probing force  13 N
 Energy supply  1 x 9 V battery
 Material  Stainless steel
 Sealing  IP68: EN60529, with attached sensor
 Weight without shank  approx. 1300 g
 Temperature range  5 °C - 50 °C
 Transmission frequency range  433,075 - 434,650 MHz
 Number of channels  64
 Temperature accuracy when using the calibration table of the temperature sensor:  Machine input analogue – digital
 Machine input analogue – analogue
 ±0,5 °C
 ±1,0 °C
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