m&h Temperature Probe IRP25.50-TP

Fully automated part temperature measurement before and during machining

Providing highly precise production results, the m&h IRP25.50-TP temperature probe helps ensure that workpieces are machined only when temperature is correct.

Ideal for cost-intensive workpieces, the m&h IRP25.50-TP uses patented technology to automatically measure workpiece temperature within seconds, both before and during machining. This enables greater control of production processes and adaptation of machining parameters during production.

The m&h IRP25.50 is characterised by its modular structure, enabling the use of various measuring units, different extensions and cross-probes. The temperature unit can be quickly exchanged with a regular machine tool probing unit, allowing users to optimally adjust the probe for future requirements and machine tool applications at any time. The bidirectional probe enables communication with several probe systems on the same machine.
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  • Saves production rework time and costs by ensuring workpieces are only machined when within established temperature parameters 
  • Detects workpiece temperature within seconds
  • Wide transmission and reception angles enables fast and secure information transmission
  • High Data Rate+ (HDR+) infrared transmission ensures ambient light doesn’t interfere with measurements 
  • Up to 1 000 hours of battery life
  • Combined use of infrared receivers (m&h IRR91.42 and m&h IRR91.50) doesn’t require additional modules or interfaces in the control cabinet

Infrared receivers
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence infrared receivers reliably process measurement and temperature data. All receivers are extremely robust and waterproof and can communicate with infrared probes and tool setters.

m&h IRR91.50

  • Dual Probe and bidirectional HDR and HDR+ technology
  • Available with radial and axial cable outlets
  • Extremely high data rate of 9 600 light pulses/sec
  • Large transmit and receive angle with minimum 120°

m&h IRR91.42

  • Bidirectional HDR+ technology 
  • Can be mounted directly in the headstock, thanks to the extremely compact design
  • Available with radial and axial cable outlets
 Temperature accuracy when using the calibration table of the temperature sensor   Analogue/digital: ±0.1° C
 Analogue/analogue: ±0.1°C

 Recommended probing feed rate  500 mm/min
 Sensing direction  -Z
 Maximum Stylus Overtravel  Z - 6.5 mm
 Trigger force  13 N
 Power supply  1 x 9 V battery, block 6LR61 Lithium: 1 200 mAh, Alkaline: 550 mAh  
 Weight without shank  Approx. 920 g
 Temperature Range

 Storage: 5 - 70 °C
 Operation: 10 - 50 °C

 Material  Stainless Steel, POM
 Signal transmission  HDR+
 Protection  IP68: EN 60529
m&h Probing Systems with Infrared Transmission Brochure
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