m&h RC-R-100-CORE Radio Receiver

Radio receiver for touch probes and tool setters

A radio receiver attached to a milling machine with green indicator lights showing
The m&h RC-R-100-CORE radio receiver communicates with radio-wave touch probes and tool setters in the 2.4 GHz range and can be easily mounted in the machine room.

The receiver supports bidirectional communication for up to 8 devices on the same machine. It can be used with tactile probes and tool setters. It is designed with reliable transmission and ease of use in mind. Innovative pairing functions make it easy to connect new or additional devices, while clearly visible LEDs on the front of the receiver let you quickly see the transmission quality and status of the probe.
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MDR technology
MDR (Multi Data Rate) technology makes it possible to transmit high data rates and large data sets in the shortest possible time. Spread spectrum transmission and multiple transfer of records ensure transmission reliability and a fast and trouble-free measurement process.

AFS technology 
With AFS technology, the frequency ranges of the 2.4GHz radio band are continually scanned to ensure the automatic selection of partial frequencies that are free of interfering signals. This not only ensures the system's own transmission will be fast and trouble-free, but also prevents interference form WiFi systems or other radio sources.
 Transmission frequency  2400-2483.5 MHz (2.4 GHz)
 Transmission/reception range  Up to 15 m
 Power supply  12 -30 V DC, max. 400 mA
 (depending on output load and operating state)
 Weight  RC-R-100-R-PT = 1570g (with cable and protection   tube)
 Temperature range  Operation: 10 to 50°C, Storage: 5 to 70°C
 Material  Stainless steel
 Sealing  IP68: EN60529, IEC529/DIN40050
 Installation (TD)  4x Cap head screws M4
 Connecting cable  RC-R-100-R-PT-C = 2 m with plug
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