m&h Laser Tool Setter LTS35.65-23

m&h LTS35.65-23 - the compact Laser Tool Setter

The laser tool setter Compact is designed for usage in machines with a limited amount of space for the measurement of particularly small tools.

With a length of 123 mm and a height of only 66 mm, there is space for the system even in a small machine. The cable outlet is also only downward to prevent the need for more space for cables and the pneumatic supply.

  • Determination of tool length
  • Measurement of tool radius
  • Detection of broken tools


  • TCS technology (True Cutting Scan) - for the highest precision
  • Tool cleaning using Laval nozzle with supersonic pressure
  • Optimal protection of the optics by means of pneumatic shutter unit
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  • Compact laser measuring device - the smallest in its class
  • Smallest tool diameter 25 μm
  • Accuracy +-0.2 μm



  • Scans the really longest cutting circle
  • Searches the longest cutting circle diameter
  • Uses this to the exact length measurement
  • Correct tool length measurement


  • Determines the real tool length
  • High precision length measurement
  • High-end functionality - exclusively from m&h


  • Laval nozzle with supersonic pressure
  • Tool cleaning in measuring position
  • Tool cleaning with nominal rotation speed for optimum cleaning results
  • Minimal cleaning distance
  • Sealing cap prevents penetration of foreign objects and liquid


  • Complete closing shutter unit
  • Cleaning by air blast without additional air pressure consumption
  • Air curtain during the measuring process prevents soiling of the optic
  • Reliable closing after measuring process
Precision and process reliability
  • Precision measurements of the tool cutting edges at nominal speed
  • Special supersonic cleaning jet prevents incorrect measurements due to adhering material particles
  • Software algorithms eliminate the effects of coolant drops
  • No interference from ambient light

Sturdy design

  • Laser optics protected using shutter unit
  • Air curtain prevents dirt particles entering the device
  • Measurement system sealed according to IP68 standard

Operation suitable for the workshop

  • Simple mounting and setup without special pneumatic unit
  • Simple orientation and mechanical definition of the focal point
  • Simple and reliable calibration and setup of the laser unit

Applications and measuring routines

Tool measurement

  • Fast and precise measurement of tool length and tool radius
  • Tool scan for optimal measurement results
  • Tools are measured in the actual clamping system at nominal speed
  • Compensation of the tool diameter for dynamic changes in the rotational diameter of the tool

Compensation of machine effects

  • Correction of tool length in case of thermal change and thermal drift on the spindle or the machine axes
  • Correction or monitoring of runout, tool change and clamping errors

Tool breakage and single cutting edge control

  • Fast tool breakage detection
  • Single cutting edge control for breakage or tool wear

Mould tools

  • Measurement of tool length and tool radius
  • Shape control and monitoring of the tool wear
 Min. tool Ø  0,025 mm
 Max. tool Ø  20mm
 Repeatability  0.1 μm (2 σ)*
 Power supply  4 VDC / max. 100 mA
 Laser  Centrally focused / 650 nm / <1 mW
 Laser safety class  2 (IEC825)
 Temperature range  Operation: 10° - 50°C
 Storage: 5° - 70°C
 Material  Aluminium, hard coated
 Protection class  IP68: EN60529 (connected, air-curtain on)
 Service life  >1 million ON/OFF cycles tested
* Depending on the application and installation situation
m&h Laser Tool Setters Brochure
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